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The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade promises to save lives. But women continue to face the circumstances that motivated them to choose abortion in the past.  

“In every state we will have women who–married and unmarried–face an unwanted pregnancy, face fear, anxiety, and real challenges for bringing that baby into the world,” says Jen Pollock Michel in today’s Inside Out conversation. Michel is an award-winning author whose recent Christianity Today article is titled, “I Was Pro-Life In Theory. It Took Much More to Actually Help.”  

To be pro-life in America after Roe, Michel believes, means that for many the work–and sacrifice–is just beginning. 

“A pro-life position means that we’re helping to reimagine a world where every baby is not only brought into the world, but able to flourish,” she says.  

Many who choose abortion are poor or alone, overwhelmed, unsupported, or in fragile health. Bringing a baby to term can make any of those circumstances more difficult. 

“I don’t think the majority of women want to give up their children–want to abort their children. I think they just can’t imagine raising them well,” she says. “How could we change that equation for women is what I’d love to think about.” 

If many of the babies and their mothers are going to be surrounded by a supportive community, and have healthy food and good medical care, it’s going to mean sacrifice by those who’ve wanted Roe v. Wade overturned.   

“What I think Christians could really start to think about, and what I’d like to challenge myself to think about, is: how do I care about children who don’t have the resources that my own children have, so that we can help women consider wanting to bring a child in to the world, and feeling like she might have the resources available to her.” 

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“I would love for us to imagine all the ways that we could create the kind of world where not only is abortion illegal, but is actually undesirable,” Michel says.