Hometown Heroes – Lydia Rizkallah – 02/14/23

Lydia Rizkallah, a student at Corning-Painted Post High School, chose to be a Christian only about 4 months ago. Despite being new as a disciple of Jesus, she is already spreading her faith. Lydia has already formed a Jesus Club there and is coordinating a large youth rally in her town at the end of February.

On this “Hometown Heroes”, hear about she found that there are many teenagers have a eagerness to find out more about Jesus. School administrators appreciated her enthusiasm for launching an in-school club and encouraged her efforts.  She emailed 300 churches, inviting their congregations and their young people to the February 26 rally.

Lydia also tells how Jesus’ claim on her life transformed her life “in a crazy and exponential way.”  Her awareness of this salvation motivates her to act and tell others about her Lord.