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008: Ten Minutes With…Keith Getty

In this episode, Terese Main talks to Keith Getty. He’s a husband, a dad and a legendary hymn writer. Although he probably would laugh at that “legendary” moniker. He’s got some strong views on modern worship…and he’s going to teach Terese to speak like an Irish woman. All in about ten minutes. Click “Play” already!

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056: Family Life Mornings

Steve, Terese & Randy start every day with a smile. Sometimes they make you think, sometimes they make you cry, sometimes they make you laugh. This week we had a tender wedding moment and celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day…plus so much more. Catch up with what you might have missed!

055: Family Life Mornings

The Dad Joke–it’s an art and a science. But there’s a good, scientific, reason why people sometimes don’t laugh. We’ve got that this week, along with a trend for high school grads and a recipe for a delicious summer treat your kids will love!



Kool-Aid Sorbet

1 packet of any flavor Kool-Aid
1 cup sugar
3 cups 2% milk

Combine ingredients and pour into a shallow freezer-safe container. Freeze for 1 hour. Transfer to a bowl and beat until smooth. Return to freezer-safe container and freeze until firm. Remove from freezer 20-minutes before serving. Scoop and enjoy!

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06 Terese Talk: Cyndy Sherwood

How do you keep your eyes on Jesus when the whole world seems to be changing right before your eyes? On this episode of Terese Talk, Biblical Counselor and Healing Journey author Cyndy Sherwood shares some good advice for finding peace in the middle of life’s storms. Find out more about her ministry here.

Sometimes you just have to get away! My husband and I were able to take a road trip to Ohio and Kentucky. Along the way we enjoyed some outdoor sightseeing, some great meals, and a morning at the Creation Museum. *Complimentary media passes were provided for my visit, with no promise of on-air or online mention.* The Creation Museum is a 45-minute drive from the Ark Encounter. Children 10 and under are free at the Ark through 2020.

Tip from Terese: If you decide to visit, take your time. We walked slowly through the gardens outside before going into the museum. There is also a kids playground and petting zoo to take your time at. You really do have time to linger and read at each section. There was a great exhibit on the Bible’s history and authority. It was faith-affirming. The entire museum is beautifully crafted and well done.

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054: Family Life Mornings

Don’t you wish you had a kind, gentle alarm to help you start the day? You do! It’s Steve, Terese & Randy (well. mostly Randy)! Check out this week’s podcast for that, and some good news from the Buffalo, NY riots. Plus an instruction manual for your mind.

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052: Family Life Mornings

Steve, Terese & Randy start every workday with a smile. Catch up with what you might have missed, including the scientific reason ice cream cones taste so good and why strawberries are a source of protein. Plus, we talk about the Christian response to the murder of George Floyd. Grab a cup of coffee and listen.

051: Family Life Mornings

A lot has changed in our world in the past few months. One thing that hasn’t is your desk at work–it looks just like you left it. Steve, Terese and Randy share about the surprise one woman found. Plus, what will you do with your masks once we don’t have to wear them anymore? All that and more on this week’s  podcast!