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What Happens after the March for Life?

The annual March for Life is happening Friday, January 24th in the nations capital. Hundreds of thousands will rally peacefully protesting both the practice and legality of abortion. The mission of the march is to promote the beauty and dignity of every human life by working to end abortion – uniting, educating, and mobilizing pro-life people in the public square.

But what happens after the march? Well, the fight for life happens every day at Pregnancy Resource Centers throughout New York and Pennsylvania! What do these centers do? What can you expect when you walk into one of these centers? How are these centers staffed? How can you help to support your local center? For these answers, and more, please listen to my chat with Michelle Brown, the Executive Director of Life Choices, a Pregnancy Resource Center serving the Binghamton, NY area.

Pregnancy Resource Centers help women and families face crisis pregnancies in a safe, confidential place. They provide accurate information about pregnancy, abortion risks, and lifestyle issues. Material assistance is available to expecting mothers, and can include free maternity clothes, baby food and diapers. Many centers provide parenting education, STD and abstinence education, adoption support, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Some even qualify as medical clinics and offer pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment, and ultrasounds. Many services are free and all information is confidential. You can find one near you here: