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22-1013_Faith Under Fire_ Cake Baker Jack Phillips is Back in Court

You may recall the name Jack Phillips. It’s the name of the Masterpiece Cake Shop owner who gained national attention for refusing to design a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Alliance Defending Freedom’s Jonathan Scruggs tells us about the latest court visit over a gender transition cake and the free-speech rights of all Americans.

22-0929_Faith Under Fire_ America’s Racial History & CRT

Should we tear down America’s foundations? That’s the Marxist/Critical Race Theory position. Author and Denver Seminary Philosophy Professor Douglas Groothuis talks about the riots of 2020 and sheds perspective on America’s racial history, along with equity and diversity hiring quotas.

22-0915_Faith Under Fire_A Win for Faith-Based Adoption in NY

New Hope Family Services in Syracuse is celebrating a big win. Last week, a federal judge ruled that New York cannot deny the agency its First Amendment right to abide by its Christian beliefs when placing children with adoptive parents. We get the update from Alliance Defending Freedom‘s Mark Lippelmann and New Hope’s Executive Director … Continue reading 22-0915_Faith Under Fire_A Win for Faith-Based Adoption in NY

22-0811_Faith Under Fire_USDA Links School Lunch Funds to Gender Policy

The Biden Administration is now linking lunch money funding to LGBTQ protections. ADF’s Erica Steinmiller-Perdomo says schools will be required to enforce non-discrimination policies. She unpacks what the USDA initiative means for public and Christian schools.