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The best of Family Life Mornings with Steve, Terese and Randy.

061: Family Life Mornings

Randy made a big mistake. And now he has to live with the consequences. Why are Steve and Terese so happy about it? Check out this week’s podcast to find out. Plus, news on the sales of deodorant, ice cream and caffeinated cereal. Catch up with all the moments you might have missed this week!

060: Family Life Mornings

So, a cow walks into a police station…have you heard it before? If not, check out this episode of Family Life Mornings. We also have some great ideas for celebrating the lesser know holiday, Parent’s Day! Catch up with what you might have missed with Steve, Terese & Randy!

059: Family Life Mornings

We’re so sure the Family Life Mornings will make you smile that we offer a money back guarantee! In this episode, the Fast Food Preacher, the slithery way to avoid a speeding tickets and why you should put on sunglasses if you’re ever getting chased by a bear. It’s all the moments you might have missed this week with Steve, Terese & Randy!

056: Family Life Mornings

Steve, Terese & Randy start every day with a smile. Sometimes they make you think, sometimes they make you cry, sometimes they make you laugh. This week we had a tender wedding moment and celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day…plus so much more. Catch up with what you might have missed!

055: Family Life Mornings

The Dad Joke–it’s an art and a science. But there’s a good, scientific, reason why people sometimes don’t laugh. We’ve got that this week, along with a trend for high school grads and a recipe for a delicious summer treat your kids will love!



Kool-Aid Sorbet

1 packet of any flavor Kool-Aid
1 cup sugar
3 cups 2% milk

Combine ingredients and pour into a shallow freezer-safe container. Freeze for 1 hour. Transfer to a bowl and beat until smooth. Return to freezer-safe container and freeze until firm. Remove from freezer 20-minutes before serving. Scoop and enjoy!

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054: Family Life Mornings

Don’t you wish you had a kind, gentle alarm to help you start the day? You do! It’s Steve, Terese & Randy (well. mostly Randy)! Check out this week’s podcast for that, and some good news from the Buffalo, NY riots. Plus an instruction manual for your mind.

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052: Family Life Mornings

Steve, Terese & Randy start every workday with a smile. Catch up with what you might have missed, including the scientific reason ice cream cones taste so good and why strawberries are a source of protein. Plus, we talk about the Christian response to the murder of George Floyd. Grab a cup of coffee and listen.