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Capital Connection – Budgets & Social Issues – 05/12/23

Budget Battle Brewing in Harrisburg.

and What Happens Now in Albany ?

Legislative budgets are being debated for Pennsylvania, as the New York State government is funded for the year. Still, lawmakers in both states continue to debate issues beyond dollars-and-cents matters. Some of the topics “making waves” here this week: Charter Schools & School Choice, Assisted Suicide, Abortion Expansion, Social Media Regulations

Our Capital Connection crew discusses governmental and social issues which impact Pennsylvania and New York.

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60 Rise Up: Why Marry When

Any time of year can be wedding season, if that’s when you got married. Steve, Terese and Tim share about why they got married when. 

Then: a-limericking we go for St. Patrick’s Day!

Rise Up is a morning radio show hosted by Steve, Terese & Tim, on Family Life, a network of stations across New York and Pennsylvania. Our podcast is a weekly conversation that will help you think and grow in your faith. If you haven’t already, subscribe today, so you don’t miss a single episode! Listen online and find out more about our show at   

Capital Connection – 02/24/23

Capital Connection” is our weekly Friday Roundtable to explore public issues and governmental actions, in Pennsylvania and New York.

Hear faith-based commentary from Jason McGuire and Michael Geer.

On this week’s menu:

  • Spiritual fervor among young people — and not only at Asbury University
  • Death penalty considerations in NY and PA, including Josh Shapiro’s revised position on capital punishment
  • School districts must choose “all” or “none” as outside groups ask to promote new clubs
  • A returning proposal to force all NY health care into government-operated programs

Feature – America’s Christian Leaders are Aging – 02/15/23

The current generation of America’s Christian leaders are aging — and now is the time to prepare for the upcoming (and necessary) transition to those who will follow.

That is the advice from Warren Smith, president of His ministry surveyed the 1,000 largest Christian organizations in the nation about leadership issues. Smith tells Family Life that many ministries have addressed how to continue the work after a popular leader retires or steps down, but more organizations need to prayerfully think through what their future holds.

Smith talks about how to communicate with mid-level personnel and call up the gifts of young candidates. Boards of directors of ministries (of all sizes) should develop succession plans, even if current leaders seem likely to stay in their positions for a decade or more. This conversation includes recommendations for key aspects to include in those succession plans.

Hometown Heroes – Lydia Rizkallah – 02/14/23

Lydia Rizkallah, a student at Corning-Painted Post High School, chose to be a Christian only about 4 months ago. Despite being new as a disciple of Jesus, she is already spreading her faith. Lydia has already formed a Jesus Club there and is coordinating a large youth rally in her town at the end of February.

On this “Hometown Heroes”, hear about she found that there are many teenagers have a eagerness to find out more about Jesus. School administrators appreciated her enthusiasm for launching an in-school club and encouraged her efforts.  She emailed 300 churches, inviting their congregations and their young people to the February 26 rally.

Lydia also tells how Jesus’ claim on her life transformed her life “in a crazy and exponential way.”  Her awareness of this salvation motivates her to act and tell others about her Lord.

Hometown Heroes – Bill Matteson – 01/03/23

Hometown Heroes features Bill Matteson, founder of Chautauqua County’s “CopeFoundation19”, dedicated to assisting children whose parents have died of opioid overdoses. Matteson’s adult son died four years ago this week, leaving behind three children.

The Sonny Side: Episode 09 – guest Angel Martinez

Welcome to The Sonny Side: Searching for the Light of Jesus, a faith-based podcast from Family Life Ministries host by Sonny Delfyette that takes you on a journey looking for faith, strength, hope, and healing in the face of darkness and sorrow. In this episode, it’s a powerful reminder that you are never beyond redemption. That no matter how far you think you’ve strayed from the Lord, He is always there, waiting for you to turn back to Him. Angel Martinez was living a life of drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence…until God got a hold of his heart, and led him to The Sonny Side.