097 Rise Up: Church Lessons

It’s important to gather with a local church. To worship, serve, fellowship and learn. While Tim finishes up paternity leave, Steve and Terese share what they have learned at church recently.

And, imagine a birthday party, but without the guest of honor!

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Kids Corner: Traditions VS Reality

We all know the nativity story. The stable, the innkeeper, the sheep, the three wise men, the baby. But how can we tell what really happened apart from the classic story we hear every year? And why is there a difference?

Bible Verses: Luke 2:1-20, Matthew 2, Revelation 22:18 and 19, Deuteronomy 4:2, Mark 12

Capital Connection – Pro-life, Pro-pot, and Pro-pay raise? – 12/01/23

How to Win on Abortion?

Is Marijuana Bad Medicine?

Do State Lawmakers Deserve a Pay Raise ?


Lots of questions this week as we explore the thorny issues impacting our listeners in PA and NY.  Here to make sense of those questions are Dan Bartkowiak at the Pennsylvania Family Institute and Jason McGuire at New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms.



Faith Under Fire – 2023’s Abortion Battles – 11/30/23

Today’s “Faith Under Fire” Feature on Family Life features analysis of how the pro-abortion and pro-life movements have adapted this year, after the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v Wade, sending the lawmaking decisions back to each of the 50 states.

Jim Harden is President of Compass Care, which operates pregnancy care centers in Albany, Rochester and Buffalo. One of their facilties was firebombed and vandalized, showing how opposition to the pro-life movement has been harsher and more violent in multiple locations across the country this year. Harden tells Family Life that those who are most strident in making abortions legal are less concerned about women’s rights or women’s health care, but more interested in maintaining their profitable businesses.

He quotes research that indicates that the number of Americans who believe at least some restrictions or oversight of abortion providers has grown this year to the largest percentage in our lifetimes.

There also are new statistics this week that show 32,000 more babies were saved in 2023 than the preceding year.

Inside Out – Responding to Criticism – 11/29/23

Inside Out” on Family Life

How do you respond when coworkers tell you they’ve been hurt by Christians, or say that Christianity is offensive? Kaitlin Miller Febles talks about how believers led by the Holy Spirit can live out the most powerful response.    

“I think when we first respond with just defensiveness, we can come across as callous toward what this person’s experienced by someone maybe even in the name of Christ,” says Kaitlin Miller Febles. “And if they don’t feel heard and understood, I think they’re far less likely to hear us, or even want to understand us back. But humility has a way of disarming people.”  

Febles counsels us to listen well and mourn behavior in the name of Christ that is not at all Christlike. “Just even as we denounce un-Christlikeness, we don’t denounce Christ. Christians may act shamefully, we need to acknowledge that, but we’re not ashamed of Christ.” 

 We have an opportunity to speak the actual message of Christ with words, and also with our lives, when the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit shape the way we live. “For each hateful or selfish or greedy or manipulative Christian example that an unbeliever has experienced, we can be a counter example, as a Christian that they also now have to explain,” Febles says.  

Kaitlin Miller Febles writes on this topic and other issues for The Gospel Coalition.