061: Family Life Mornings

Randy made a big mistake. And now he has to live with the consequences. Why are Steve and Terese so happy about it? Check out this week’s podcast to find out. Plus, news on the sales of deodorant, ice cream and caffeinated cereal. Catch up with all the moments you might have missed this week!

Kids Corner – Doing What the Bible Says Now

The kids are stuck without a lot to do – unless you count complaining… With so many groups not getting together, how do you do what the Bible says: love others, serve with others, and stuff like that?  Mr. Jacobs puts in his two cents!  (Scripture: Philippians 2, Galatians 5)

Faith Under Fire Ep.34

ADF’s Kate Anderson unpacks the recent win for a faith-based adoption agency in Syracuse.  While NY officials have tried to shut down adoptions at New Hope, because of the agency’s stance of Biblical marriage, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has reversed a district court’s dismissal of a lawsuit brought by New Hope Family Services.