Ep52: Confidence, Community, and Email Newsletters (Romans 15)

One of the biggest ways God blesses us Christians is through each other.  Robbie, Becki and Tim look at the second-to-last chapter of Romans, where (among other things) Paul models the importance of missionary newsletters!

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019: Ten Minutes With…TobyMac

After the tragic death of his son, Truett, TobyMac worked through his feelings in his latest release, “Life After Death.” He talks with Terese Main about how is family is doing, and what God has shown him. TobyMac brings his Theater Tour to The Stanley Theater in Utica, New York on Friday, October 7th. Connect with tickets here.

Kids Corner: Loving Our Leaders

Have you ever had a school assignment that just didn’t make sense? What did you do? You probably went to someone like a teacher or parent for help. We all have leaders in our lives (even adults have them) but what do we do when we don’t agree with them?


Bible Verses: Romans 13 and Hebrews 13:17, Exodus 1, Daniel 1, and Acts 5.

36 Rise Up: Just Kidding

Is there “a little truth in every joke” – or is it “all in good fun”?  Steve, Terese and Tim talk about poking fun, building up, and the heart behind how we use our words.

Then: don’t forget your Bible (or your leg warmers).

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