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News features from a Biblical perspective.

Staycation Ep.11

National Soaring Museum–  Planes that glide through the air without a motor. That’s what the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York is all about. Director Trafford Doherty gives us a glimpse into the history of gliding and what you’ll get to see at the museum. He also explains what’s so special about the topography near Elmira, making it a great place for sailplanes.

Faith Under Fire Ep.59

Broken & Soaking in the Grace of Jesus–  Christian author Sheila Walsh reminds us that God’s love is not based on our behavior. She says we can expect to fall down and make mistakes, while relying on “perfect” Jesus. Walsh offers vivid imagery and tips to help each of us keep a healthy mindset on a daily basis.

July 2021 Event in Pennsylvania