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News features from a Biblical perspective.

Capital Connection Ep.67: Pro-Life Rally in Pa. & Vax Rules for NY

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer are fighting for people of faith in the public square. Hear the latest on legislation and policy matters from the seats of power in Albany and Harrisburg. Discussion includes a pro-life rally in Pa. & vaccine rules in New York.

Faith Under Fire Ep.71: Battling New York’s COVID Vaccination Mandate

Federal Judge David Hurd issued a temporary reprieve from the state’s mandate that requires healthcare workers to be vaccinated by September 27. Now the temporary restraining order has been extended through October 12. Special Counsel Christopher Ferrara with the Thomas More Society unpacks the case involving plaintiffs that object to the vaccines on religious grounds. He offers tips on what other healthcare workers can do if they also oppose the mandate for religious reasons.

Inside Out Ep.39: When Your Parent Needs Care

By the most recent count, 35 million Americans are caring for their parents. As baby boomers continue to age, more adult children will join their ranks. 

Author Linda Winn used to be one of those caregivers. Here on Inside Out she talks about negotiating both the changing parent-child dynamic and the elder care system, and how she leaned on God for grace and strength.

Winn’s new book is The Road to Glory: Walking Mama Home, the story of managing her mother’s care. Woven throughout are practical tips for negotiating the elder care system and devotional thoughts to guide the reader to find strength in Jesus Christ.  

“He showed me how to set myself aside for the benefit of my mother,” Winn says of Jesus, “to put her needs before my own, and how to smooth the path before us. Without Him we would have been lost.” 

Learn about Linda Winn and her book The Road to Glory: Walking Mama Home here.