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22-0520_Capital Connection_Buffalo Massacre, Pa. Senate Race and Recession?

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute discuss the issues in the news emanating from the state capitals of Albany and Harrisburg.

Inside Out Ep.55: Pastors in Crisis

New research finds that 42 percent are thinking about leaving full-time ministry, according to Joe Jensen, Vice President of Church Engagement for The Barna Group.

The percentage of pastors thinking of stepping down from the pulpit had already risen from 29 to 38 percent in the course of 2021.

Jensen says doesn’t believe that in modern times so many stressors have converged upon pastors at the same time.

“The immense stress of the job, feeling lonely and isolated, and then navigating current political divisions within their church and their community were the top three reasons they gave for why they were considering quitting full-time ministry,” he said.

Jensen believes congregations can turn the trend around. They can do it by assuring pastors that the church is a place for them to be served as well as to serve, and is an environment where they can be transparent with their own needs.

“I always say it’s not enough just to do the right things,” Jensen says. “You have to do the right things consistently over time. And that’s where trends actually start to reverse themselves. Start to change. Go into the different direction.”

Learn more about The Barna Group research here.

“Let’s help our pastors turn some of these trends around,” Jensen says. “I think we can do it.”