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008: Ten Minutes With…Keith Getty

In this episode, Terese Main talks to Keith Getty. He’s a husband, a dad and a legendary hymn writer. Although he probably would laugh at that “legendary” moniker. He’s got some strong views on modern worship…and he’s going to teach Terese to speak like an Irish woman. All in about ten minutes. Click “Play” already!

Keith and Kristyn Getty present the Sing! Global Conference August 30th through September 2nd. Find out more at

007: Ten Minutes With…Chip Ingram

He’s the host of Living on the Edge. Chip Ingram has been ministering to his radio audience as well as his church family during this outbreak. Chip Ingram joined Steve, Terese & Randy to share some encouragement about the twice postponed Spring Sharathon. It’s a quick chat. If you’ve got Ten Minutes, you’ve got time for encouragement!

006: Ten Minutes With…Ron Hutchcraft

Normally he hosts A Word With You on Family Life; Ron Hutchraft joined Family Life Mornings to offer some encouragement over our postponed (again) Sharathon. If you’ve got 10-minutes (maybe just a few seconds more), he will encourage you to continue shining, even in these dark days we are living in.

001: Ten Minutes With…Switchfoot

It’s a podcast for people who want to listen to podcasts, but don’t have all day. Join Terese Main, a notoriously fast-talker for a quick chat with Chad Butler, the drummer for the Christian rock band, Switchfoot. If you’ve got ten minutes, you’ve got time!