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Missions in Action Ep.16

Dr. Elliott Tenpenny, heads up the international health unit for Samaritan’s Purse. The health care team reaches out to hard-hit communities worldwide.  Earlier this year, the Christian relief group deployed its Emergency Field Hospital in NYC, where the coronavirus pandemic had overwhelmed the local medical capacity.

Missions in Action Ep.14

Recent police-involved deaths of African Americans have prompted police reform across the nation. Sentencing disparity and prison overcrowding are part of the issue. Prison Fellowship‘s Heather Rice-Minus lays out areas for change, along with ways volunteers can help inmates and families.

Missions in Action Ep.13

Amid the pandemic, Youth for Christ is using the ‘Inside Out’ Initiative to serve people. Young people “inside” at-risk youth facilities, are creating art projects and posters that will find their way “out” into New York City, offering hope to others. YFC leader Daniel Sanabria speaks with Family Life.

Missions in Action Ep.12

Help for the incarcerated. Prison Fellowship Field Director William Gallerani tells Family Life about the “Academy” training that addresses crime, life skills and addiction recovery for inmates. He shares coronavirus updates and volunteer options through Prison Fellowship.

Missions in Action Ep.6

The “drive through” living nativity outreach of Auburn Alliance Church lets community members witness glimpses of the first Christmas. Nativity Director Becky Mindek details the motivation and what visitors can expect at the Dec. 21 “Journey to Bethlehem” event.


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