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Kids Corner: Is Christmas Real?

Is the Christmas Story we hear every year really what happened? Why were some things added to the story? (Scripture: Proverbs 30:6, Matthew 25:23)

Kids Corner: How to be Wise Men

What does it mean to be wise? Is it about knowing a lot of facts? Is there more to it than that? Peter and Kimberly are about to find out! (Scripture: Proverbs 18:15, Ephesians 5:15, Matthew 7:24, Proverbs 19:20, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 17:10)

Kids Corner: Ordinary Shepherds

Have you ever felt like you weren’t needed? Well there are lots of kids who know the feeling, including Monica and Peter. They are playing shepherds in their church’s Christmas show, and they are feeling a little neglected. Ms Tabitha sees some similarities to the characters they are playing! (Scripture: 1st Corinthians 1:27, Luke 2:1-20)

Kids Corner: Angels We Have Heard On High

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Angels.” Probably some girl with long blond hair and a white dress complete with a halo and wings right? You can imagine Artie’s reaction when he finds out he has to play one for the Christmas play at church. But what if that’s not how angels actually look? (Daniel 10, Joshua 5, Luke 2, and Mathew 28, Isaiah 6, Ezekiel 1, and Hebrews 13:2)