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If That Makes Sense – 65: Jesus and the Father (John 5)

Jesus is fully man and fully God. We can’t be afraid to wrestle with that mystifying reality! In John 5, Jesus confronts the Pharisees—and us today—with his astounding and loyalty-demanding true identity. (John 5:16-30)

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If That Makes Sense – 64: Life On Jesus’ Terms (John 4, 5)

From the truth he preached to the people he associated with, Jesus lived on God’s terms, not man’s. Mike, Becki, and Tim look at two healings of Jesus’ that stunned the world. (John 4:43-54; 5:1-18)

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61: It’s (Still) All About Jesus (John 3)

Things are simpler when you know Jesus is the reason for…well…everything.  John the Baptist knew that, and Jim, Hope and Tim relate their experience looking at John chapter 3.  (John 3:22-36)

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Ep59: Jesus Cleanses the Temple (John 2)

When the religious crowd of His day was out of line, Jesus wasn’t quiet!  But should we confront hypocrisy in the same way Jesus did?  Merri, Becki and Tim discuss Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple. (John 2:13-25)

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Ep58: Water Into Wine (John 2)

When the wedding ran out of wine, Jesus told the servants to go get some more…water.  What did they expect to happen?  Tately, Jesse and Tim discuss Jesus’ first public miracle, His relationship with His mom, and what it means to be the Bride of Christ (John 2:1-12).

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Inside Out – Confidence in Barren Seasons – 03/22/23

If your prayers seem unanswered, or you feel the wait for God to act has been long, author and speaker Dena Dyer encourages confidence that God uses the barren seasons for His purposes. Dyer is the author of the recent blog post “Confidence in Barren Seasons: What Elizabeth Can Teach Us.”

Have you prayed for healing, a new job, a spouse–or children–but you’re still waiting? If so, you join the people of the Bible, like Elizabeth and Zechariah, who lived through barren seasons. Their lives, says author Dena Dyer, show us that we can be confident that God uses these times for His purposes.

“A barren season is one in which our prayers don’t seem to be answered,”? Dyer says. “Maybe our dreams are deferred, or we’re just—impatiently—waiting on something that’s important to us.”

Dyer wrote a recent Christianity Today/Better Samaritan blog post titled “Confidence in Barren Seasons” and is the author of the book Wounded Women of the Bible. She says not only does the Bible introduce us to people who know the ache of waiting, even God knows that ache.  

“Isaiah 30:18 is one of my favorite verses. And it says, ‘So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so He can show you His love and compassion. For He is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help.’” 

Barren seasons can tempt us to drift from God. But Dyer urges us to remain confident that God is using these seasons for His purposes. “Be honest with God,” she says. “He already knows how we feel. And He’s merciful and kind.  And I’ve learned over the years that He wants a relationship with us all day, every day, no matter  what our mental state, our spiritual state, our physical state.”

And even when we’re weary of waiting, or disappointed in God, He wants us to reach for Him. “Even in the midst of barrenness, even in the midst of our lack of faith, He’s not going to condemn us in the moment, but embrace us,” she says.

Read Dyer’s blog on this topic here.

S2 Finale: The Digital Media Diet

Season 2 wraps up with a special interview episode; season 3 is around the corner this Spring!

From headlines to streaming shows to, yes, podcasts, there’s no doubt we’re consuming more media now than ever before.  Christians can’t afford to approach their digital media diet uncritically.  Brett McCracken, author of The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World, joins Mike and Tim for a special episode about what we’re putting into our minds, how it’s shaping us, and what wisdom brings to the table in today’s online all-you-can-eat environment.

Ep33: Holy Friendship

The gift of good friends is a gracious blessing, but, unfortunately, it’s not one that is guaranteed in every season of life. Whether you’ve got your own squad, or you’re still waiting on having one person to call “bestie,” what does it take to first *be* a good friend? And what are some of the surprising things God does through friendship?

Ep32: Modern Day Pharisees

Jesus repeatedly, publicly denounced one kind of person.  In the first century, they were usually the Pharisees – devout students and teachers of the Bible with one problem: a bad habit of self righteousness and a knack for contemptuous pride.  How does “Phariseeism” creep into our lives in ways we never intended, and how do we lovingly help put it to death in ourselves and our church communities?