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Inside Out: Christian Accountability and/or Cancel Culture – 6/12/24

Inside Out: Christian Accountability and/or Cancel Culture – 6/12/24

Cancel Culture

A Christ-centered vantage point, from the “Inside Out” podcast

In a culture without agreed-upon standards, people across the faith and political spectrum sometimes hold others accountable by “cancelling” them. Christian attorney and apologist Abdu Murray believes the impulse to correct a wrong is natural and biblical.

“What Cancel Culture has become is the–I think a quite biblical–act of holding people accountable, but run amok,” he says. According to Murray, Cancel Culture and Christian accountability have different goals.  “Cancel Culture is public erasure. There’s almost nothing redemptive in it. It’s an act that looks a lot more like revenge than it looks like accountability.”

Murray is the founder of  Embrace the Truth, a non-profit dedicated to Christian apologetics and evangelism. He reminds us that when you feel that the wrongs of others should be addressed, cancelling is not the only choice.

“If you refuse to cancel them,” he says, “you can still hold them accountable.”

We need to know our motivation: do we want wrongdoers to take responsibility and repent, or do we want to ruin them?

“We always have to think redemptively,” Murray says. “How can this be redeemed? A good friend of mine once said this, ‘that I always want to make it easier for someone to sincerely apologize rather than harder.’ And sometimes Cancel Culture makes it harder for someone to sincerely apologize.”

Cancelling, of course, goes both ways, and it is possible that you could be cancelled and feel that it is because of your faith in Jesus Christ.

“The phrase that’s been repeated many, many times: ‘You can’t always control your reputation, but you can control your character.’ And as painful as it can be to be rejected, the real issue is: are we looking to Jesus to say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’?”



Learn about Abdu Murray and Embrace the Truth here.

Learn about his books here.

Kids Corner – A Faithful Friend

Kids Corner – A Faithful Friend

Friends can be awesome, but sometimes they can let us down. How do we know who to trust, and is there such a thing as a friend that is always faithful?

Bible Verses: Proverbs 13:20, Psalm 1:1, Malachi 3:10, Joshua 23:14, Psalm 100:5, Romans 8:28, Proverbs 29:5, Proverbs 27:6, 1st John 1:9,  2nd Thessalonians 3:3

The Calling_Episode 19: Mark Bane

The Calling_Episode 19: Mark Bane

The Calling is a Family Life original podcast for pastors that focuses on the personal and professional challenges they face in their mission to serve the Lord. In Episode 19, Steve’s guest is Mark Bane, a retired pastor with 40 years of experience leading congregations.  Mark, who is also Steve’s longtime friend, talks about the difference between being a pastor and sitting in the congregation, how to biblically address sin in a friend.

Kids Corner – All moms think alike?

Kids Corner – All moms think alike?

It’s time again at the kids corner for the kids to record Mother’s Day greetings for their moms, but how do you let your mom know how you feel about her? Maybe more importantly; what does God think about moms?

Bible Verses: Deuteronomy 5:16, Proverbs 6:20, Leviticus 19:3, Isaiah 66:13, Luke 13:34, Hosea 13:8, Romans 3:10, Luke 6, Matthew 5, 1st Corinthians 13,

God uses long-lasting friendships – Inside Out feature – 4/24/24

God uses long-lasting friendships – Inside Out feature – 4/24/24

God Uses Long-Lasting Friendships

“Inside Out” with Martha Manikas-Foster

We need long-lasting friendships. But political divisions, our self-reliance, and the failure to prioritize time with friends all work against sustained relationships.  

“Intimacy, trust, and vulnerability–which at least to me are all really important factors in friendships—take time. Like years,” says photographer, marriage coach, and author Dorothy Littell Greco. “And that’s not to say that you can’t go deep quickly with someone that you recently met, but I think having friends for a long time—and I’m talking about like decades—is qualitatively different.”

“I think probably most of us could recount seasons in our life where friends just really come alongside of us and give us what we need in order to make it through day to day.”

Greco discusses how we are created to need friendship, and how even when our relationships encounter rocky terrain the challenge can grow us in ways few other things can. “It teaches us how to love, it teaches us how to forgive,” she says, “so there’s something about that forging deeper into friendship that I think allows us to grow up and to grow into people who are more like Jesus. And, at least for me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Greco believes that one way we can keep friendships growing, even during divisive times, is by standing alongside our friends at pivotal moments in their lives. “Showing up is really, really important, right? Showing up for those milestone events—their babies getting christened, or they’re having an engagement party, or somebody’s father died,” Greco says. “So us being present, saying, ‘We value you more than whatever else it is that we could do in that time.’”

 Another important way to keep friendships growing is by facing issues head-on. “Those moments when differences surface, all of us, pretty much, have the tendency to just kind of withdraw. But rather than using that as an excuse to pull back, is saying, ‘Well, this could allow us to go deeper with each other,’” she says. “So not backing away from conflict.” 

 Greco also suggests taking the leap and being authentically yourself with each other. 

 “Choosing to say, ‘This person, I really like the conversations we’ve had, I’m going to take a risk with them and be a little bit more vulnerable.’” 


Dorothy Littell Greco has written on the importance of friendship and how marriages can flourish. She is the author of Marriage in the Middle, Making Marriage Beautiful, and Start Strong.

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