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Inside Out: Christian Accountability and/or Cancel Culture – 6/12/24

Inside Out: Christian Accountability and/or Cancel Culture – 6/12/24

Cancel Culture

A Christ-centered vantage point, from the “Inside Out” podcast

In a culture without agreed-upon standards, people across the faith and political spectrum sometimes hold others accountable by “cancelling” them. Christian attorney and apologist Abdu Murray believes the impulse to correct a wrong is natural and biblical.

“What Cancel Culture has become is the–I think a quite biblical–act of holding people accountable, but run amok,” he says. According to Murray, Cancel Culture and Christian accountability have different goals.  “Cancel Culture is public erasure. There’s almost nothing redemptive in it. It’s an act that looks a lot more like revenge than it looks like accountability.”

Murray is the founder of  Embrace the Truth, a non-profit dedicated to Christian apologetics and evangelism. He reminds us that when you feel that the wrongs of others should be addressed, cancelling is not the only choice.

“If you refuse to cancel them,” he says, “you can still hold them accountable.”

We need to know our motivation: do we want wrongdoers to take responsibility and repent, or do we want to ruin them?

“We always have to think redemptively,” Murray says. “How can this be redeemed? A good friend of mine once said this, ‘that I always want to make it easier for someone to sincerely apologize rather than harder.’ And sometimes Cancel Culture makes it harder for someone to sincerely apologize.”

Cancelling, of course, goes both ways, and it is possible that you could be cancelled and feel that it is because of your faith in Jesus Christ.

“The phrase that’s been repeated many, many times: ‘You can’t always control your reputation, but you can control your character.’ And as painful as it can be to be rejected, the real issue is: are we looking to Jesus to say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’?”



Learn about Abdu Murray and Embrace the Truth here.

Learn about his books here.

Kids Corner – A Faithful Friend

Kids Corner – A Faithful Friend

Friends can be awesome, but sometimes they can let us down. How do we know who to trust, and is there such a thing as a friend that is always faithful?

Bible Verses: Proverbs 13:20, Psalm 1:1, Malachi 3:10, Joshua 23:14, Psalm 100:5, Romans 8:28, Proverbs 29:5, Proverbs 27:6, 1st John 1:9,  2nd Thessalonians 3:3

Capital Connection – 5/07/24

Capital Connection – 5/07/24

Family Life’s “Capital Connection” – 5/07/24

NY:  Safe 4 Kids Act

PA:  Saving Women’s Sports, locally and nationally

What to Watch for at the U-S Supreme Court this month


Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer “weigh in” on the “weighty” issues in the news from Albany and Harrisburg



Real Answers – Reducing Anxiety in our Children – 6/05/24

Real Answers – Reducing Anxiety in our Children – 6/05/24

Real Answers” on Family Life

How parents can reduce stress and anxiety in our children and teens

“You are the parent. You will be your child’s strongest influence, and that is a mantle you really need to take up.”


Christian counselor Christopher Anderson explores how your family be a positive influence on young people who are facing social anxiety, cultural stresses, and the everday growing pains of growing up.

Some of his recommendations:

  • Spend intentional quality time with children (even as young as toddlers). Do meaningful activities and have meaningful conversations with your children and teens
  • Ask them specifically if there are any matters that are raising internal concerns for them — from school, with friends, anywhere
  • Choose the information intake flooding into their lives:  reduce the clutter of e-device information, and increase age-appropriate emphasis on Scriptures


Real Answers is one of our Wednesday News Features from Family Life News — from our radio broadcasts, app streaming, and website downloads.

God Never Gives Up on You – Max Lucado – 6/03/24

God Never Gives Up on You – Max Lucado – 6/03/24

A Special Family Life Interview

“America’s Pastor” Max Lucado have encouraging advice for two groups:

  • Someone whose self-doubt or mistakes has them wondering whether the Lord has given up on them
  • Congregations and their leaders who are wrestling with their proper role when people are concerned about the future of their nation.

Lucado, a Texas pastor and prolific writer of books and Bible Studies, told Family Life’s Greg Gillispie about the discoveries available when a seeker looks into the Old Testament accounts of eventual hero of the faith Jacob. Jacob’s life was full of setbacks, mistakes and turmoil. Yet, even if he was ready to give up — on himself or on God — the Lord never gave up on Jacob.


For further information:


Inside Out: Be Present and Active — We “worship”, we don’t “attend worship” — 5/22/24

Inside Out: Be Present and Active — We “worship”, we don’t “attend worship” — 5/22/24


“Inside Out” : Come Ready to Worship

Ever find you’ve gotten to church, but your mind is someplace else?

“We want to urge people: get your heart and your mind ready before worship so that you can be spiritually engaged when you get there,” says the Rev. Alex Mark. He’s the senior pastor of First Scots Presbyterian Church of America in Beaufort, South Carolina.

He encourages us to focus on the privilege we have when we gather to worship God. “The most fundamental thing we need to realize is how important worship really is,” he says. “Our worship today is actually even more awesome than what they saw at Sinai. Because instead of having Moses as worship leader, we have Jesus. Instead of being kept at a distance, we are commanded to draw near.”


Mark is the author of The Gospel Coalition article “Ready for Church: 5 Ways to Be Present in Worship.” Family Life’s Martha Manikas-Foster talks with the pastor about actively engaging in worshiping God.

Foundational to our worship is remembering who deserves our focus.  “We are meeting with the living God. We are being led in worship by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is with us. And then I think the practical things flow from that. That’s one of the things sin does—it just distorts our whole worldview. We become more concerned with whether we’re satisfied than whether God is glorified,” he says.

 “The goal of worship isn’t to worship in a way that costs us nothing,” he adds. “Worship should cost us, because it’s a display from our hearts to the world of the incredible value and worth of God.

 He suggests several ways we can engage spiritually while at church. 

“We want to fight distraction,” he says. “My attention span has to be an offering to God. I want to give it to Him. Sing heartily in worship. I am tone deaf and musically illiterate. It is not a good combination. It’s not the quality of our voices that make our worship acceptable to God. It’s what Jesus has done for us.”

 He also points out that we can only apply the lessons of a sermon when we’ve listened to it.

 “Engage with the sermon. You know, Satan doesn’t mind us being under the Word, as long as we’re not paying attention to it. And so we’ve got the duty to really listen carefully to the ministry of the Word and then make it our goal for the week to put our preacher’s words into action.”

 The Rev. Alex Mark reminds us that worship isn’t always led from the front of the church. It includes supporting and cheering on others in the pews. 

 “One of the reasons we gather together is to encourage each other,” he reminds us. “Encouraging each other, I think, really means we’re intentional to care for one another’s souls, and to make it our purpose to help one another love and savor Jesus Christ more.”


Listen to our 17-minute conversation in this Family Life Inside Out podcast.

Read the article that inspired this conversation on the Gospel Coalition website

Real Answers – continuing our conversation about “Raising Sons” – 5/15/24

Real Answers – continuing our conversation about “Raising Sons” – 5/15/24

Raising children is a delight and a challenge. Parenting is one of the most important tasks in all of life for those who are given this privilege.

Daughters also rely on uplifting upbringings, yet today we focus on boys.  What is unique about raising sons?


On this edition of Family Life’s “Real Answers“, therapeutic counselor Christopher Anderson offers Christian areas of emphasis for parents. These apply, whatever your son’s/sons’ age, whether you are married or a single parent, and whether you are a dad or a mom or a grandparent:

  •  The urgency of giving your children, especially sons, a deepening understanding of Jesus and of grace
  •  How vital it is for male and female parents to visibly live out your faith, and explain why the Lord improves your own life
  •  Connect your son with other men who are faithful adult role models
  •  The story of a valuable $50 bill



This podcast is the second of a two-part series on this important topic

Chris Anderson and Sarah Harnisch also talked about encouragement and advice for raising sons on our “Real Answers” feature earlier this month. Hear part one of that interview here.



“Real Answers” is one of our extended interviews on Wednesdays from Family Life News. Listen for it online, on our app and on the radio during the Family Life Noon Report

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