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A Family Life Interview – Ron Hutchcraft on Church-Leader Burnout – 11/27/23

Ron Hutchcraft has spent decades as a Christian broadcaster, a ministry leader, a mission worker, and a sought-after speaker at religious conferences.

In October, he was featured at the Family Life Pastor’s Conference, providing inspiration to well over 200 pastors from Pennsylvania and New York. In conjunction with his visit to our listening area, he was interviewed by Family Life News, seeking his recommendations for clergy and for congregations.

In light of today’s difficult trends where 42 percent of congregational pastors are ready to quit, there is much which needs done to strengthen the church and reverse that reality.

In our conversation, Hutchcraft looks at the Big Three challenges identified by that research, offers practical steps to reduce stresses and loneliness, and warns that church fights over politics or social issues are against the Bible’s calling. He points to the impact of Covid shutdowns and mandates and disagreements, and gives a movie-plot parallel. You also will hear reminders that the church’s shepherds also hold responsibility to address their own misguided motivations and unhelpful mission drift.

Ron Hutchcraft leads Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, which works to provide spiritual rescue, bringing hope to unchurched people in the language of the listener. RHM also operates “On Eagles Wings”, an evagelistic and training outreach to Indigenous young people.

His daily radio story, “A Word With You”, airs multiple times each weekday on Family Life broadcasting, plus our online streams.


A parallel Family Life Podcast is also available:  Check our pastors’ first-person stories on “The Calling” with Steve Smith. Episodes can be found here.


Kids Corner: Distracting Decor

There’s a lot of distractions this time of year. The presents, the lights, the garlands, the pageants, the cookies. It’s easy to forget why we do it all.

Bible Verses: Luke 12:22-34, Colossians 3, 1st Timothy 6:17-19, Psalm 119:11, Proverbs 2:5 and 2nd Corinthians 4:7

Real Answers – How singles can find the “right one” – 11/22/23

Real Answers” tackles the tough topics which Christians face in their lives.

On this edition,a focus on singles — certainly those who are younger, but applicable to any age.

Licensed professional counselor Christopher Anderson talks about how to find “The Right One” as a life mate, if you have an eventual call to be married. He talks about how before you get to know the other person, you become better able to know your dating or relationship partners if you first begin with a deep understanding of yourself. Only then do you have a foundation on which to build a long-lasting relationship. He also suggests good mentoring with a long-married Christian couple, and double-dating with people who share your faith and worldview.

Anderson also explores research on how many unmarried couples live together, outside of a marriage commitment. That number has grown exponentially across the past two generations, but (perhaps surprisingly) those percentages are not as high as some Christian might expect, looking at the society around us. You also will hear how cohabitation actually reduces the likelihood that a relationship — or a marriage, if you eventually decide to wed — which succeed long term.

Hometown Heroes – Katie Rhodes – SNY Charities – 11/21/23

Family Life’s “Hometown Heroes

At Thanksgiving and Christmastime, communities are especially generous to reach out to help individuals and families who struggle financially.

This week’s “Hometown Heroes” news feature gives you an inside look at one such ministry, from Katie Rhodes of Catholic Charities in New York’s Southern Tier region. Rhodes updates us on the repurposing of a now-closed church building to be a resource center for homeless and needy neighbors. There also are stories of people who have never needed charitable help until now. The ministry compassionately reassures such people who might have internal qualms about reaching out for help.

Mark Webster also asks Rhodes for an overview of how today’s widespread economic troubles, a projection on where trends may take us next, and how Christ’s followers always have stepped up to address real human needs in their own communities.

Katie Rhodes is communications coordinator for Catholic Charities of Chemung and Schuyler Counties.

Click these links for more details about the ways Catholic Charities help their neighbors, and how you can too.

“Hometown Heroes” airs during the Family Life Noon Report most Tuesdays (on the radio and online) and is available 24/7 on our News Podcasts page.

Issues in Education – Regents Diplomas, Teacher Shortages, Homework by AI – 11/20/23

These are some of the current “Issues in Education” in the Family Life listening area:

            • New York’s Proposed New Rules for High School Graduation
            • Solving the Teacher Shortage Problem in Pennsylvania
            • Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom


Lots of big topics to discuss in the classroom this week.  Dr. Ralph Kerr with the “Teaching and Learning Institute” does a “deep dive” on “Issues in Education”.