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Hometowns – Hammondsport NY – 07/10/23

Among many other highlights, Hammondsport, New York, is home to the Glenn Curtis Museum. Curtis was an engineer and an inventor who is credited with “teaching the world to fly”. His work with bicycles, motorcycles and aircraft pushed all of those industries into faster futures. His innovations led to advancement in the Navy’s aviation programs.

Hammondsport also is a destination for tourists and return visitors, with its lakeside opportunities and a vibrant village square.

Take a trip to this village in the FingerLakes region. Family Life’s Mark Webster is your tour guide through its history and its modern-day attractions, this week on “Family Life Hometowns”.




Family Life Hometowns – Mahanoy City PA

Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania has an interesting history, with its role as a war crossroads, a coal industry hotbed, and the legend of the Molly Maguires.

The community is also the hometown of an invention which revolutionized how multiple generations had access to entertainment and information.

Join Mark Webster as our twice-a-month Monday tours of the towns, burgs and communities which make up the Family Life listening area brings you the story of Mahanoy City and its 4,600 residents in east-central Pennsylvania.

Family Life Hometowns – Mount Morris NY – 04/03/23

Mount Morris, New York, is famed for its dam, a park , and a pledge.

  • The dam across the Genesee is the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi.
  • Letchworth State Park and its waterfalls often appear in lists of top travel destinations
  • Mount Morris is Francis Bellamy’s hometown.

Listen along, as Mark Webster takes you on a radio tour of this western New York community of more than 4,000 population.

Family Life Hometowns – Oneida County NY – 03/13/23

Come with Mark Webster, on a radio tour of Oneida County, New York, from the influences of the Oneida Nation to the transportation opportunities opened up by the Erie Canal.

Rebecca McLain, executive director of the Oneida History Center, fills us in on the people and geography that shaped the area’s history, and the benefits now available for residents and guests.


Family Life HOMETOWNS – Hermitage PA – 02/27/23

Our tour of intriguing Hometowns in the Family Life region takes us to Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

Delve into its history, from early settlements in the 1700s to the rebuilding after 20th-century tornadoes.

From the movable school buildings to the free-for-everyone golf course (the only free nine-hole course in America), enjoy our radio visit to Hermitage on the western edge of the Keystone State.

Family Life Hometowns – Johnstown, NY – 01/30/23

Once was the capital of American steel-making and a major source the barbed wire that shaped the westward expansion, Johnstown, New York, has a hardy history and current population. Soon after its founding by Swiss-German settlers, Johnstown developed as an canal and then railroad hub. The community is famed for floods, rebuilding after the water damage, Clara Barton and the Red Cross.

Mark Webster brings you his conversation with Executive Director Richard Burkert of the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, who shares some Johnstown’s unique story.


Family Life Hometowns – Lewiston, NY – 01/16/23

Tom Collister, curator of the Historical Association of Lewiston takes us on a tour of some fascinating history of Lewiston, New York. It is where the Niagara Falls actually first had been, the site of the shot heard around…the War of 1812, and a key depot for the Underground Railroad.