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Issues in Education – Mandatory SUNY Class, and Disruptive Students – 02/06/23

“Racial Equity in the Classroom & Rethinking School Suspensions”

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the “Teaching and Learning Institute” in Houghton, NY, keeps us up to date with all that’s happening in Pennsylvania and New York classrooms and school districts.

Issues in Education – Merit awards, Regent exams, Jan. 6 curriculum – 01/23/23

VA’s National Merit Award Scandal, Regents exam week in NY, and PA proposes “teaching” January 6th in the classroom.

Dr. Ralph Kerr at the “Teaching and Learning Institute” discusses the “weighty issues” in the news as it pertains to our public schools.

Issues in Education – Obstacles in the Classroom 2023 – 01/09/23

Biggest Education Obstacles in the Classroom for 2023Dr. Ralph Kerr

With the New Year upon us, Dr. Ralph Kerr discusses the issues in education that parents and policy-makers alike will be watching in 2023. Kerr directs the Teaching and Learning Institute in Houghton, NY, and is a frequent guest on Family Life.

2022-1205_ Issues in Education_ How NYS Schools are Spending Covid Cash

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the “Teaching and Learning Institute” in Houghton, NY says the state ranks second to last in the country when it comes to it’s allocation of Covid Cash toward “learning loss” caused by the Pandemic.   Listen in for more on this week’s edition of “Issues in Education.

22-1107_Issues in Education_ Faith at School, COVID Mandates, and Lockdown-Induced Learning

Dr. Ralph Kerr heads up the “Teaching & Learning Institute” in Houghton, New York. His goal is to get more people of faith involved in public education.

We start this week by discussing how “issues in education” may impact the vote in tomorrow’s mid-terms.