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Real Answers – How to Fight, Right – 2/21/24

Real Answers – How to Fight, Right – 2/21/24

Real Answers – How to Fight, Right – 2/21/24

New research discusses factors that lead to divorce. How people fight is an important dynamic.

Christian counselor Christopher Anderson joins Family Life’s Sarah Harnish to talk about how to fight in our relationships. He is not (obviously) encouraging spouses to seek out arguments, but to be able to handle disagreements well.

Attentive listening matters, he says. So does awareness on when to take a timeout to allow emotions to settle, so that the people involved can avoid increasing the tensions when differences arise. Anderson also suggests another good practice: writing out questions and responses ahead of time, when a problem needs solved.



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Real Answers – How singles can find the “right one” – 11/22/23

Real Answers – How singles can find the “right one” – 11/22/23

Real Answers” tackles the tough topics which Christians face in their lives.

On this edition,a focus on singles — certainly those who are younger, but applicable to any age.

Licensed professional counselor Christopher Anderson talks about how to find “The Right One” as a life mate, if you have an eventual call to be married. He talks about how before you get to know the other person, you become better able to know your dating or relationship partners if you first begin with a deep understanding of yourself. Only then do you have a foundation on which to build a long-lasting relationship. He also suggests good mentoring with a long-married Christian couple, and double-dating with people who share your faith and worldview.

Anderson also explores research on how many unmarried couples live together, outside of a marriage commitment. That number has grown exponentially across the past two generations, but (perhaps surprisingly) those percentages are not as high as some Christian might expect, looking at the society around us. You also will hear how cohabitation actually reduces the likelihood that a relationship — or a marriage, if you eventually decide to wed — which succeed long term.


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