22 Terese Talk: I Am In Control

This week we celebrated “I Am In Control Day.” But are you? And are you supposed to be? The times we are in might be leaving you feeling a little uncertain—maybe worried. In the past year, you might have tried to take control of your health—your finances—your kids’ schooling—your emotional well-being. But have you really been in control? No way! This has been the most out of control year any of us have experienced. We can’t control things like how a virus spreads, or how that impacts the economy. We can’t control what the school district decides to do with hybrid or in-person learning. And we can’t control how much toilet paper is on the shelf of the grocery store. But in all of those circumstances, we can control one thing: us. And how we react to it all. Take just a few minute and hear more of what Terese has to say about control.

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Terese Main is a wife, mom and social media addict. Above all, she loves Jesus. She co-hosts Family Life Mornings, which can be heard on radio stations across New York and Pennsylvania, and at www.familylife.org. She is a native of the Finger Lakes Region and a graduate of Ithaca College. It’s her heart’s desire to encourage others to live their lives fully in God’s blessing.