Inside Out Ep.32

Conflicts over the pandemic and politics have left us with divided families and friendships. But it doesn’t need to stay that way, according to Rob Rienow, book author and co-founder of Visionary Family Ministries. His 2020 book on reconciliation is titled Healing Family Relationships.

“God loves your family. He put your family together,” Rienow reminds us. “And His power is available to bring healing and hope and reconciliation.”

Those who follow Christ know the power—and gift–of forgiveness. “Christ has reconciled us to our heavenly Father. And people who have been forgiven much—as every believer has—are then able to forgive much.”

How we go about forgiving someone, and where to start, is all part of our 13-minute conversation.

“The Christian family has to become expert in giving and receiving forgiveness. If we don’t become an expert in that, anger, bitterness, division—all those things are not far behind,” he says.


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