Inside Out Ep.34

These are the weeks when graduates are challenged to light the spark that will change the world.

But what if you heard similar words at your own graduation but don’t see that you’ve made a difference?

“There’s a ‘change the world’ vocabulary and language, as I think it’s normally used, that can actually create aspirations and expectations that end up being distracting to us and maybe even discouraging,” says Philadelphia-area pastor and author Timothy Shorey. His recent article for the Gospel Coalition is titled: “Christian, You Don’t Have to Change the World.”


God may plan for you to help end human trafficking, clean water shortages, or homelessness. But He also remembers and blesses steady service in our own little parts of the world.  


“It may be that the change God intends is for us to walk faithfully and walk obediently and to actually care for the people that are right in front of us in meaningful ways,” Shorey says. 


Shorey wants to encourage believers who quietly serve God by serving others. 


“God doesn’t forget. He doesn’t overlook our steady obedience. He doesn’t overlook our faithful service. He doesn’t overlook our care for the saints,” he says in this 18-minute podcast. 


Timothy Shorey is in his 40th year of pastoral ministry and currently helps lead Risen Hope Church, in Delaware County, PA. He has been married to Gayline for 42 years and has six grown children and 13 grandchildren.. Among his books are Respect the Image: Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and Talk, and his recent release An ABC Prayer to Jesus: Praise for Hearts Both Young and Old.  


“God does not overlook our faithfulness. Indeed He rewards it,” Shorey says. “He blesses it. He will one day commend it. And crown it with a reward.”  


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