History Live – The Messiah Report

History Live – The Messiah Report

The Middle East.  Political unrest… an oppressive government… heavy taxation… violent radical factions seeking the government’s overthrow… and   freedom threatened by a foreign government because of a religious culture that refuses to bow to outside pressure to conform. It’s a picture that could be cut from today’s news clippings of the Middle East.   But this is a picture more than 2000 years old… the picture of Israel at the birth of its Messiah, Yeshua bar Joseph… the birth of Jesus, the Christ.  History Live – The Messiah Report brings the reality of late breaking news to the troubled, exciting and revolutionary time of birth of the Son of God.  We join real people, in a real place and time as they watch prophecy unfold before their eyes.  The past becomes the present as Family Life presents History Live – The Messiah Report as part of the Family Hour

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