064 Terese Talk: Out of the Dark

064 Terese Talk: Out of the Dark

It’s in the hardest times of life that we learn so much about God. It’s not easy. But it’s always fruitful. Grammy-winner Mandisa has been open about sharing her battle with the darkness. As she was grieving the death of a friend, she found herself in a fierce battle with depression. In her new book, Out of the Dark, she shows that our choice to trust God can not only overcome our need to understand why bad things happen, but can help us to embrace a life of joy and freedom.

Terese Main is a wife, mom and social media addict. Above all, she loves Jesus. She co-hosts Family Life Mornings, which can be heard on radio stations across New York and Pennsylvania, and at www.familylife.org. She is a native of the Finger Lakes Region and a graduate of Ithaca College. It’s her heart’s desire to encourage others to live their lives fully in God’s blessing.

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