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Listen to Family Life’s special Christmas programming.

The Shoemaker’s Gift

Russian novelist Count Leo Tolstoy, known for masterpieces such as “War and Peace” wrote a number of short stories also.  One of his most endearing stories is one that has been given many names.  Shoemaker Martin embodies the message of the season that the greatest gift is the one that’s given from the heart.  It’s a heartwarming story of how everyone can use the gift that God has given them to encourage others.

A Bethlehem Christmas

Every year when Christmas rolls around, we hear that old, familiar story — that Jesus came to earth and took on human flesh, born under the humblest of circumstances. But too often, our familiarity with the story causes us to lose the wonder and awe of the mystery and the miracle. Insight for Living would like to help bring to life the Christmas story for you and your family through a captivating radio theater production titled A Bethlehem Christmas, based upon Charles R. Swindoll’s book, A Bethlehem Christmas: Celebrating the Joyful Season.

Joy To The World

Everyone knows Christmas Carols, but not everyone knows the stories behind them. Mr. Jacobs and the Kids Corner kids are getting ready to go out into the neighborhood and spread some Christmas cheer, and a new visitor has come to join them!  It’s Joy’s cousin, Noel, but she’s not so sure there’s much joy in the world, or peace on earth for that matter. Join us as Mr. Jacobs explains what the Bible has to say about these things and more!

Holding Heaven

Taken from Jerry Jenkins’ book, Holding Heaven focuses on two conversations, 30 years apart, between the most celebrated person in history, Jesus, and his earthly father, Joseph.  In the first, the father tells the son the details of his birth. God has invaded earth in the most unlikely place and under the most unusual of circumstances.  In the second, the son tells the father – now on his deathbed – what is to come. Miracles will turn many from darkness to light. Yet how painful for the father to learn what the enemy will do with the very raw materials with which he has fashioned his living.

Christmas By Injunction

A short story from Focus on the Family Radio Theaters’, “Traveling Home for Christmas”, Christmas by Injunction by famous short story writer O. Henry, tells of a prospector who comes into some money and decides to play Santa for his home town.  You’ll be warmed by the kindness of one individual as he seeks to bring Christmas to the children.

The Christmas Blessing

Author Donna VanLiere captured listeners’ hearts with her beloved Christmas novel, The Christmas Shoes.  Now the story continues in The Christmas Blessing with young Nathan Andrews, who was the child who lost his mother to cancer.  Now a medical student in his third year, Nathan realizes there are still things to be learned about faith, blessings, and sacrifice.  Lessons he will learn from Meghan Sullivan – a young woman born with a hole in her heart that nevertheless hasn’t prevented her from becoming a champion runner – and from a young boy named Charlie who teaches Nathan how to live a life of true courage.  The Christmas Blessing, an Macmillan Audio production, is read by Oliver Wyman.  It’s an inspiring story about hope existing in the darkest place, and how love is always the greatest gift of all.

The Christmas Shoes

The Christmas Shoes has become one of the many seasonal favorites on Family Life.  It is an extraordinary tale based on the #1 hit single of the same name.  The unforgettable heartwarming song by NewSong instantly soared to the top of the charts some years ago.  The audio book has mesmerized listeners and has captured the hearts of thousands.  This Macmillan Audio production is read by Paul Michael and depicts a chance meeting on Christmas Eve of Robert, a successful attorney who has everything in life – and nothing at all, and Nathan, an eight-year-old who is losing his beloved mother to cancer.  The Christmas Shoes is a tale of how God’s power can shape and even save our lives

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dicken’s beloved holiday classic takes on a fresh flavor in this touching family radio drama from the producers of “Focus on the Family Radio Theater”.  True to the original content of Dickens’ masterpiece, this presentation vividly contrasts the age-old struggle between earthly gain and eternal treasure.  As the stirring story unfolds, you and your family will be challenged anew to examine your own hearts, and re-evaluate where your treasure really is.

A Marriage Carol

Adapted from the Moody Publishers title by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman, A Marriage Carol is a drama for Family Life created by Moody Radio. The story follows Marlee and Jacob, a couple on their way to sign divorce papers.  But a snow storm spins their car across the ice, and the collision that follows puts everything on ice. The powerful drama is a must listen for those whose marriage is facing an uncertain future.  It will bring both tears and joy to the listener.  It has become a Family Life Christmas favorite.

Midnight Clear

Christmas is a joyful time spent with family, but what if you don’t have family?  What if Christmas Eve is the anniversary of the worst event that’s ever happened in your life?  Midnight Clear, written by Jerry Jenkins and distributed in audio by Oasis Audio, has an eclectic cast: A middle-aged man who’s just lost his job; the owner of a run-down gas station having to work the holiday; a lady well past her prime with no reason to live; a mother who’ll do anything for her young son; and a struggling youth pastor who’s lost his zeal.  On this one night the paths of these five will intersect and nothing will ever be the same!  Listen and hear how seemingly small gestures can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.