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News features from a Biblical perspective.

Missions in Action Ep.18

See, taste, and smell in the land where Jesus walked. Passages is an organization that helps students dig deeper roots of faith by visiting Israel to explore the land and culture of the Bible. Executive Director Scott Phillips unpacks more, including the resilience he’s seen among members of the Jewish and Arab communities after recent riots and unrest in Israel.

Staycation Ep.16

Ringing Rocks Park–  Wear sturdy shoes and bring a hammer and camera! Kevin Spencer and Angela Nagle with Bucks County highlight a “musical,” geological wonder in the woods of Pennsylvania. Ringing Rocks Park, about 15 miles east of Allentown, boasts a bevy of boulders that you can climb across and hit with your hammer for a melodic ring.

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Faith Under Fire Ep.62

A Fresh “Life” Approach in Texas– Effective this September, a new heartbeat law in Texas “deputizes” citizens to sue abortion doctors. Meanwhile, abortion providers are seeking to intimidate with a recent legal action. Jonathan Saenz with Texas Values says the new law could be a game changer in the fight to save lives.