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News features from a Biblical perspective.

Issues in Education – Merit awards, Regent exams, Jan. 6 curriculum – 01/23/23

VA’s National Merit Award Scandal, Regents exam week in NY, and PA proposes “teaching” January 6th in the classroom.

Dr. Ralph Kerr at the “Teaching and Learning Institute” discusses the “weighty issues” in the news as it pertains to our public schools.

Capital Connection – 01/20/23

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer take a deep dive each Friday on the issues and events impacting people of faith all across New York and Pennsylvania.  Here’s what’s happening this week ….

  • The national March for Life rallies pro-life adovcates in the nation’s capital.
  • “Judging” a Judge — Chief Justice nominee Hector LaSalle faces senators in New York’s capital.
  • What kind of Governor will Josh Shapiro be, as he becomes governor in the capital of Pennsylvania?

Special Feature – Feminists Choosing Life – at the Washington March – 1/19/23

Two members of the “Feminists Choosing Life” delegation from New York speak to us from Washington, the day before the 2023 March For Life at the National Mall (Friday, January 20).

Executive Director Michele Sterlace and Media Outreach Director Emily Coppolla join Greg Gillispie for a conversation on where the Pro-Life Movement goes next, after 50 years of these rallies. This the first March since Roe vs. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Our guests talk about how it is not at all a contradiction to be pro-woman and pro-life, their organization’s efforts to seek common ground with those on the other side of this debate, and how the root causes of abortion need to be addressed.