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Faith Under Fire – A Case regarding Physician-Assisted Suicide – 01/26/23

A pro-life legal battle is underway — this one at the end of lives.

A new state law in New Mexico not only permits physician-assisted suicide, it requires all doctors to share information about physician-assisted suicide. If they do not, doctors opposed to promoting ending lives early can face civil and criminal penalties and risk the loss of their medical licenses. This interferes with their professional judgment for the doctor-patient relationship. The law provides no exceptions for ethical, medical or religious reasons.

The Alliance Defending Freedom brought a First-Amendment lawsuit on behalf of a Christian physicians association and a Christian dentists group. Lathan Watts, vice president for public affairs at A.D.F., tells us how this case addresses sanctity of life, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.

Special Feature – Feminists Choosing Life – at the Washington March – 1/19/23

Two members of the “Feminists Choosing Life” delegation from New York speak to us from Washington, the day before the 2023 March For Life at the National Mall (Friday, January 20).

Executive Director Michele Sterlace and Media Outreach Director Emily Coppolla join Greg Gillispie for a conversation on where the Pro-Life Movement goes next, after 50 years of these rallies. This the first March since Roe vs. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Our guests talk about how it is not at all a contradiction to be pro-woman and pro-life, their organization’s efforts to seek common ground with those on the other side of this debate, and how the root causes of abortion need to be addressed.

Faith Under Fire – Freedom of Conscience – Paul Kengor 01/12/23

A harsh and divided tone pervades our society. How can Christians, whatever their politics, be charitable and fearless and faithful in the public conversations in these times?

Dr. Paul Kengor is senior director of the Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He discusses freedom of conscience, “cancel culture”, one-sided calls for tolerance and diversity, and the fear that has silenced many in the middle.

Faith Under Fire – 303 Creative – 01/05/23

The U-S Supreme Court will rule this spring on a religious freedom case, “303 Creative v. Elenis.”  Lorie Smith, a Christian website designer who opposes same-sex marriage as contrary to her faith, sued over a Colorado state law which bars discrimination, which could require her to create wedding websites for same-sex couples.

Lorie Smith was represented at oral arguments in Washington D.C. in December 2022 by the Alliance Defending Freedom. Attorney Matt Sharp, senior counsel at ADF, spoke with Family Life about the issues underlying the case, and how the justices’ questions at oral arguments might give insight into the upcoming ruling.

22-1215_ Faith Under Fire_ A Win for Christian Doctors Who Choose Not to Perform Sex-Change Surgeries

A federal court says the Biden Administration does not have the authority to force Christian doctors to perform gender transition surgeries.  Attorney Joe Davis with Beckett Law shares a few case details, along with the wider impact of the ruling by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

22-1208_ Faith Under Fire_ Pro-Christmas in the Public Square

Are nativity displays allowed by your local government? Liberty Counsel CEO Mat Staver shares about this year’s update and what public school teachers may do this season in their classrooms. We also learn about “pro-Christmas” retailers, along with a few that earned a spot on the “naughty” list this year.

Christmas Friend or Foe Retailer List for 2022

22-1201_ Faith Under Fire_ A Biblical Worldview Among Pastors

What are pastors reporting about their own beliefs? Dr. George Barna heads up the research at the Cultural Research Center. He unveils recent data about the perspectives of pastors and how they line up with God’s Word.

American Worldview Inventory 2022 – Release #7

22-1117_ Faith Under Fire_ The See Saw Continues in NY’s Concealed Carry Restrictions for Churches

The legal back and forth continues in New York’s concealed carry restrictions for churches. First Liberty Institute’s Jordan Pratt discusses the unconstitutionality of measures passed by the state, despite a ruling by the Supreme Court.

22-1110_ The Church’s Response to Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse

Pastor Tim LeCroy with New Life Presbyterian Church recently chaired the PCA General Assembly Committee on Abuse. He helps us notice potential child and adult victims, along with patterns of abusers. LeCroy urges churches to seek outside help when dealing with domestic or sexual abuse.

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