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Faith Under Fire – Artificial Intelligence – James Spencer – 06/08/23

Christians & Artificial Intelligence

Today on “Faith Under Fire”: We’ll hear more from James Spencer about the role Christians can play in the development of new technologies. 

Author James Spencer says Artificial Intelligence may increase efficiency, but it can’t replace our God-given desire to work.

Spencer, president of the D.L. Moody Institute, says Christians need to put AI in its proper place, and we have the unique opportunity to do that from a Biblical perspective.


You also can listen to our previous conversation with James Spencer here.

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Feature – Dr. Ingrid Skop – Mifepristone in Federal Court – 06/01/23

A popular Abortion Pill on trial

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is considering a case regarding FDA approval of Mifepristone two decades ago.

Texas OB/GYN Dr. Ingrid Skop has provided expert testimony in trials involving Mifepristone, based on her medical research. On the June 1 Family Life Noon Report, Bob Price had an extended interview with Dr. Skop, about what she sees as dangers of the abortion-inducing drug, not only (obviously) to the fetus, but also for a significant number of the women who have taken the pill. There is question about how the FDA studied and reported on Mifepristone’s side effects, as well as how much of the national discussion misnames abortions as a women’s health issue.

Whichever way the appeals court ruling in New Orleans comes out, likely during June, the case is expected to return to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Faith Under Fire – Christians and Artificial Intelligence – 05/25/23

  • “AI” … Artificial Intelligence
  • Social pressures to conform
  • Inaccurate stereotypes of people of faith

The development of thinking machines that can learn even more on their own might be the biggest news of this decade.

As the technological innovations mushroom and societal trends veer away from tradition, how are people to respond?

James Spencer, president of the D.L. Moody Center, contends that these times bring yet more opportunities for Christ’s followers to defy the world and choose discipleship.

Spencer says there is an incorrect assumption about how to “fix” problems in the world. While “AI” can process information faster, he tells Family Life’s Abigail Hofland that the core of our human circumstance cannot be resolved simply with data, no matter whether that data is manipulated by brainpower or computer power. Even in the midst of great advances, “AI” cannot take the place of our God-given reasoning ability.

“Faith Under Fire” tackles issues which face Christian citizens in a challenging culture. “Faith Under Fire” airs on Family Life during the Noon Report on Thursdays. Current and archived episodes are always available at FamilyLife.org.





Faith Under Fire – Paul Kengor – Boldness – 05/18/23

Dr. Paul Kengor returns to Family Life to offer insights on public discourse, especially with a faith and values perspective. On this edition of our “Faith Under Fire” Feature, Kengor says Christians need to be boldly involved in the culture around them. Those who sit by silently, afraid to speak up, are worried about human judgment and getting a bad reputation on social media. He contrasts those who decide to “stay under the radar” to avoid controversy with martyrs throughout church history to did not water down truth, just to stay popular or avoid showdowns.

At the same time, he points to Scriptural guidance — and common sense practicality — that anyone with a vantage point need to offer charitable respect to others whose positions have taken them in a different direction.


Paul Kengor is on the faculty at Grove City College in western Pennsylvania, directs the Institute for Faith and Freedom there, and is senior editor of The American Spectator.



Faith Under Fire – Gender debates on Title IX – Matt Sharp – 05/11/23

Half a century ago, Title IX (pronounced “Title 9”) became federal law, opening new educational and athletic opportunities for girls and women. Now, the Biden Administration is changing Title IX to mandate that male-at-birth transgender athletes must be given equal rights to join female teams, use locker room facilities and be able to compete against biological women.

Contending that the executive branch cannot arbitrarily change they the call the “clear wording” of Title IX, 20 U.S. states have filed suit, an action joined by an association of Christian schools. Matt Sharp of the Alliance Defending Freedom speaks this week with Abigail Hofland about the legal issues and questions of fairness. He tells of two Connecticut athletes who have affected 100 sports records, tournament advancements, trophies and scholarship offers of traditional female student-athletes.

The case is being heard in a Federal Appeals Court.

Faith Under Fire – Mark Burrell – The Bible & The Declaration of Independence – 05/04/23

For the annual National Day of Prayer, Faith Under Fire talks with Mark Burrell, a Pennsylvania native who draws direct connections between Biblical mandates of America’s Declaration of Independence.

He has written Rediscovering the American Covenant : Roadmap to Restore America. Listen as he talks about the Biblical and spiritual calling which guides a national to renewal, peace and justice. Burrell has recommendations for individual Christians and groups of citizens. Not only should elected and appointed government officials call forth the uniqueness of America’s founding identity, he says congregations have a unique opportunity to encourage faithful citizenship.

Faith Under Fire – Arizona Christian Univ – 04/27/23

A public school district ended its 11-year partnership with Arizona Christian University in February 2023, after a school board member felt threatened by the hatred of an organization which centers itself on its faith identity.  The university says the actions of the Washington Elementary School District violate ACU’s constitutionally protected freedoms.

The Alliance Defending Freedom brought a First-Amendment lawsuit on behalf of the University.

Alliance attorney Jake Reed gives Family Life’s listeners and web visitors an update on the case, and insights into the issues which have impact far beyond Arizona.

Family Life’s Abigail Hofland leads this conversation.







Faith Under Fire – The Latest on the Abortion Pill – 04/20/23

The FDA’s approval of the abortion-inducing medication Mifepristone is at the center of numerous court rulings this month. The U.S. Supreme Court has put on hold a recent ruling by a federal judge in the Northern District of Texas. He invalidated the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Mifepristone, which has been part of a two-drug regimen typically used for medication abortions and miscarriage management for more than 20 years. However the federal agency has reduced their restrictions on the drug in the past few years.

The Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine contends that the use-at-home pills can be dangerous for pregnant women, to say nothing of its impact on the fetus. As the nation awaits the latest ruling from the high court, Family Life’s Abigail Hofland speaks with two pro-life guests — and provides related comments from New York’s governor Kathy Hochul.

  • Tessa Longbons of the Charlotte Lozier Institute talks about the medical statistics related to Mifepristone, which is now distributed by mail, without women meeting in person with a physician. Longbons says the FDA has missed about 50% of reports of complications. The number of emergency room visits have multiplied times six, since the initial FDA approval.
  • Emily Cappello of Feminists Choosing Life of New York says the push for abortion puts today’s prominent feminists against the realities of women’s empowerment. Cappello says Covid-era changes which allow prescribing doctors from authorizing the pills without seeing the patient first puts women at more frequent risk. Follow-up mental health evaluations, she says, are crucial.

A Supreme Court decision on approval or limits on the drug is scheduled for no sooner than Friday, April 21.

Faith Under Fire – Gerald Groff Religious Freedom Case – 04/17/23

A Pennsylvania Christian had worked for the U.S. Postal Service until he faced multiple employment repercussions for refusing to work on Sundays due to his religious convictions.

This case regarding First Amendment claims goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the justices hearing oral arguments this Tuesday (April 18).

Gerald Groff of Lancaster County had sought work with USPS because it would be an employer where he would not be asked to work Sundays. That changed when USPS launched a new contract with a private corporation that wanted Sunday deliveries.

In 2019, Groff resigned from his position as a rural mail carrier after years of — he says — being harassed, targeted and disciplined for refusing to work Sundays so that he could abide by the Third Commandment, to “keep holy the Sabbath day.” Groff then sued USPS for violating his religious rights. After his claims were denied by both a Pennsylvania district court and the 3rd Circuit Court, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) agreed to take up his appeal on Jan. 13. He is being represented by the First Liberty Institute.


First Liberty attorney Jeremy Dys gave Family Life’s Abigail Hofland a preview of the arguments to be made in the nation’s capitol.

Groff’s first-person story is here.  Other coverage of the issues in this case: FNNABCCNA.

Faith Under Fire – College & the Cancel Culture – Paul Kengor – 04/06/23

“It’s come from the universities.”

That is the evaluation of how Cancel Culture gets spread and becomes the de-facto reality for many in today’s American culture from Professor Paul Kengor of the Institute for Faith and Freedom. As college professors and curricula at most schools promote political and social stances in one direction, people are silenced if their conscience and core values have them arriving at differing viewpoints.

In this conversation with Family Life’s Greg Gillispie, Kengor also offers what he says is heartfelt advice to parents and families of today’s high school and college students.

In addition to being the Senior Director and Chief Academic Fellow of the Institute on the Grove City College campus in Pennsylvania, Dr. Kengor is also the senior editor of The American Spectator and a frequent commentator on social, cultural and faith issues.