Faith Under Fire – PA Prolife – Maria Gallagher – 2/01/24

Faith Under Fire – PA Prolife – Maria Gallagher – 2/01/24

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court this week, by a narrow 4-3 vote, ruled that a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood is to be heard by a lower court. At issue is a question about whether Pennsylvania can restrict the state’s Medicaid funds only to pay for the abortions which are directly related to situations of rape, incest, or if the pregancy is a risk to the mother’s life. The dominant provider of abortions contends that Pennsylvania’s Medicaid policies over the past 20 years unconstitutionally harm the “rights” of poorer people.

The Commonwealth Court trial has not happened to decide the issue; the Supreme Court majority merely ruled that the case must be tried.

For an interpretation and perspectives on the case and its related issues, Family Life news producer Greg Gillispie spoke Monday with Maria Gallagher, legislative director of the PA Prolife Federation.


You can find more about PA Prolife’s work beyond this one court case on their website.



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