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Issues in Education – Reading matters – 09/25/23


What is happening in classrooms, school buildings and administrators’ offices? Family Life’s weekly “Issues in Education” feature explores what families and taxpayers need to know.

This week:

  • Why Reading Matters
  • Counting Schoolchildren
  • Ways Parents Can Get More Involved In Their Local Public School

Dr. Ralph Kerr, founder of the Teaching and Learning Institute discusses the issues in education this week with Family Life news anchor Bob Price.

The Teaching and Learning Institute and its guides for parental involvement and for becoming a candidate for your local school board are available at www.WhyRun.org.

Real Answers – Parents ARE their children’s primary educator – 09/13/23

As another school year begins, parents cannot just “hand off” the education of their children to schools and teachers.

So says professional counselor Christopher Anderson, who offers practical advice on “Real Answers“, the Family Life news feature which addresses big issues facing Christians and Christian families.Anderson emphasizes that parents are their children’s primary educator, especially on faith training and values awareness. In this conversation:

  • Developing confidence, when a parent is uncertain whether they are “up to the job”
  • Christopher Anderson’s take on parental roles, amid changing social and cultural standards
  • Why many are switching to home schooling, and considerations if you might be pondering that
  • The vital role of parents and families for students who are in public schools
  • How to guide teens in ethical behavior, even if a parent faltered on sinful behavior when they were growing up