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Family Life Interview – Wars in Ukraine & the Middle East – Mike Aleprete – 10/25/23

A global studies professor at a Pennsylvania Christian college sees geographic differences — but political parallels — between Russia’s war on Ukraine, and the aftermath of Hamas violence in southern Israel.

Doctor Mike Aleprete of Westminster College tells family life that it is a challenge for many in the American public to think long-term about international tensions. As an example, the international relations specialist says as Americans are focused on the Middle East, many heard nothing about the loss of civilian lives last week in a Ukrainian town:

Aleprete offers his analysis of both wars, comments on the anti-Israel protests which are popping up in the U.S. and elsewhere, and discusses governmental posturing and choices made by terror cells.

Aleprete also offered initial analysis of the attacks on Israel last week on our Family Life Noon Report. That interview is available here

Hamas vs. Israel – a local Christian perspective – Mike Aleprete – 10/16/23

A special Family Life Interview

A week and a half into violence on Israel’s southern border, what do Americans need to know — about Hamas, Palestine, Israel, and another chapter of Middle East war?

A reasoned, expert, Christian perspective from an International Studies professor at a local Christian university. Dr. Mike Aleprete teaches Political Science at Westminster College, and has expertise about the Middle East and eastern Europe. Family Life’s Greg Gillispie asked Professor Aleprete about key matters for us to wisely analyze what is happening as Hamas committed terroristic acts, and Israeli defense forces respond:

  • What should we know about Hamas? 
  • What motivated them to strike at this time?
  • What is likely to happen next in that region?
  • What should Christian observers know about the residents of Gaza who are caught in this crossfire?
  • How does he interpret anti-Israel demonstrations on American college campuses and in many U.S. cities?

023: Ten Minutes With…Aaron Shust

You can’t miss Aaron’s passion for Scripture—just spend Ten Minutes With him! We’re talking about the Psalms, the Jewish heritage of the faith, and God’s big story of salvation in this episode.  Aaron Shust is in concert Friday, October 6th, at Clarks Summit University in Clarks Summit, PA.