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Feature – Dr. Ingrid Skop – Mifepristone in Federal Court – 06/01/23

A popular Abortion Pill on trial

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is considering a case regarding FDA approval of Mifepristone two decades ago.

Texas OB/GYN Dr. Ingrid Skop has provided expert testimony in trials involving Mifepristone, based on her medical research. On the June 1 Family Life Noon Report, Bob Price had an extended interview with Dr. Skop, about what she sees as dangers of the abortion-inducing drug, not only (obviously) to the fetus, but also for a significant number of the women who have taken the pill. There is question about how the FDA studied and reported on Mifepristone’s side effects, as well as how much of the national discussion misnames abortions as a women’s health issue.

Whichever way the appeals court ruling in New Orleans comes out, likely during June, the case is expected to return to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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A Special Edition of the Noon Report – “Memorial Day in Pennsylvania and New York” – 05/29/23

Join Family Life for special coverage of

“Memorial Day in Pennsylvania and New York”

Our Noon Report on the national holiday includes stories from military veterans, how the armed services support gold star families, and first-person stories from a bugler who sounds “Taps” at military grave sites and from the National Cemetery in Bath, New York.

This special 30-minute Memorial Day Tribute is also available for listening and downloading from the News Podcasts page at FamilyLife.org.

Leading the conversations with local people from our listening area are Greg Gillispie and Abigail Hofland.

“Memorial Day in New York and Pennsylvania” – A Family Life Special – 2023

“Memorial Day in New York and Pennsylvania”

Originally called Decoration Day, the occasion was first marked three years after the end of the Civil War. On May 5, 1868, John Logan, head of the major Union Army veterans association, issued a proclamation from his Washington, D.C., office inviting Americans to celebrate “Decoration Day” on May 30. He urged them to decorate Civil War graves with the “choicest flowers of springtime.” He spoke at the first official commemoration at Arlington National Cemetery that year.

Congress and Presidents ever since have made proclamations which urged remembrance and tributes of those who sacrificed themselves to serve the causes of their nation. Memorial Day is now observed on the last Monday of May.

This year, Family Life News has gathered stories from current soldiers and veterans from our listening area. Hear about “Taps”, volleys, Gold-Star Families, and memorable services at Bath National Cemetery. A pastor offers encouragement, whether you visit a cemetery to decorate the grave of a civilian, or as you memorialize a service person who has died, be that at war or in peacetime.

Feature – Beyond Mother’s Day – Jenny Coffey – 05/16/23

Mother’s Day was Sunday.

We talked with family counselor — and mom of four preteens — Jenny Coffey about what most moms might really like for Mother’s Day.  Her answer for the weekend was “rest” and balance.

Those are still gifts which can bless mothers the other 364 days of the year.

Coffey gives us advice for families, including stories from what is working for her own household. She also has encouragement for moms themselves — how to avoid the internal and external pressures and stereotypes can improperly focus women on unattainable accomplishments and unrealistic status.

Also in this extended version of the feature we aired at noon, she shares additional insights for women who are parenting alone (either as single moms or without good support from others), as well as ways congregations can adapt their families to be better supportive of mothers (and fathers). Coffey sees this as an important evangelistic tool too, because older church leaders may not realize how parenting styles and family patterns have changed for today’s young adult generations.

Special Feature – Dave Dravecky – 05/10/23

Dave Dravecky, a former Major League Baseball star, famously lost his pitching arm to cancer more than 30 years ago.

Nowadays, Dravecky uses his life story to inspire others throughout the country. He will be the keynote speaker at Clark’s Summit Pennsylvania May 19-20 for the “Man Up” men’s conference. His ministry is called “Endurance: with Jan and Dave Dravecky”.

In this extended Family Life conversation, Dravecky talks baseball history, the current game, cancer, depression — and how his Christian faith sustained him and his family through life’s ups and downs. The former pitcher’s story of what he’s learned can inspire people to find encouragement and hope, no matter what life throws at them.


           Bonus content:

  • A video about Dave Dravecky
  • Details and registration information about the Men’s Conference at Clark’s Summit

Special Feature – Dr. Ingrid Skop – Abortion-inducing Pills – 04/25/23

The drug Mifepristone was the subject of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, temporarily allowing distribution of that abortifacient which has been the subject of varied rulings in multiple states.

Dr. Ingrid Skop‘s work as an OB-GYN was at the center of a Texas judge’s ruling which triggered the Supreme Court review. Dr. Skop tells Family Life that she personally has had to save the lives of more than a dozen women who suffered life-threatening side effects after taking Mifepristone. She says the harm to pregnant women has been vastly underreported and ignored by many in the medical community and among Women’s Rights proponents. Dr. Skop contends that, even despite the documented harm shown, Mifepristone has been under less FDA review than Tylenol is.  Her testimony is likely to be included as the legal disputes continue in upcoming hearings in Federal and state courts.

Dr. Skop joined Family Life for an extended conversation on our April 25 Noon Report.

More from Dr. Skop:





Inside Out – Girls & Social Media – 04/19/23

Girls and Social Media 

With more girls than ever reporting that they feel sad or hopeless, The Gospel Coalition’s Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra talks with Martha Manikas-Foster about social media’s impact on girls. They also talk about the precautions adults might put in place before approaching social media as a mission field.


More girls than ever feel sad or hopeless. Social media may be the reason why.

“In 2009, we know about a third of American high school girls had persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness,” reports Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, senior writer and faith-and-work editor for The Gospel Coalition. “But by last year, so this is about 10 years later, it was up to 57 percent. Which is the highest recorded level of teenage sadness ever.”

Zylstra observes that the increase in sadness tracks with the rise of smartphones and social media. Smartphones make it possible to check on your internet friends more often than when you had to wait until you opened your laptop to get connected.

How we spend our time makes its mark on us, and girls are averaging five hours a day on social media. During those hours girls are comparing themselves with others–often people they don’t know in person—and they repeatedly feel that they fall short.

Disembodied online relationships impact us differently from in-person friendships, Zylstra says, in part because when you walk alongside a friend, you see them on both their good days and bad days. Online you see only the best snapshots of a person’s day. “And if you have 500 friends,” Zylstra says, “every day somebody’s having a good day somewhere. But you’re constantly feeling like, ‘My day never measures up.’”

Listen in on our 18-minute conversation about the impact this is having. You’ll also hear Zylstra’s suggestions for how adults who feel called to on-line ministry might wisely approach social media as a mission field.

Listen to the podcast that inspired this conversation here and read some of her other writings here

Special Feature – Summer Church Camp 2023 – 04/18/23

Church camps are now registering their campers and recruiting for their summer staff.

What are the new trends for Summer Church Camp heading into the 2023 season?

After the “strangeness” of the pandemic restrictions of the past three years — plus the social and cultural changes of the past three decades — what is happening these days in the outdoor ministry programs of our region?  Greg Gillispie talks with two local camp directors about trends coming out of Covid, why church camp has such a life-changing spiritual impact on teens and children, and how retreat centers are adapting to have more opportunities to influence faith. You will also hear results of a survey of Christian adults who identify the #1 memory of what shaped their Christian faith from their younger lives.  (Today’s parents and grandparents — and congregational leaders — may want to consider that poll result, as they make family plans for this summer.)

Our guests:

Faith Under Fire – Gerald Groff Religious Freedom Case – 04/17/23

A Pennsylvania Christian had worked for the U.S. Postal Service until he faced multiple employment repercussions for refusing to work on Sundays due to his religious convictions.

This case regarding First Amendment claims goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the justices hearing oral arguments this Tuesday (April 18).

Gerald Groff of Lancaster County had sought work with USPS because it would be an employer where he would not be asked to work Sundays. That changed when USPS launched a new contract with a private corporation that wanted Sunday deliveries.

In 2019, Groff resigned from his position as a rural mail carrier after years of — he says — being harassed, targeted and disciplined for refusing to work Sundays so that he could abide by the Third Commandment, to “keep holy the Sabbath day.” Groff then sued USPS for violating his religious rights. After his claims were denied by both a Pennsylvania district court and the 3rd Circuit Court, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) agreed to take up his appeal on Jan. 13. He is being represented by the First Liberty Institute.


First Liberty attorney Jeremy Dys gave Family Life’s Abigail Hofland a preview of the arguments to be made in the nation’s capitol.

Groff’s first-person story is here.  Other coverage of the issues in this case: FNNABCCNA.

Special Feature – Easter Hope amid Easter Monday in Louisville – 04/11/23

How does Christ’s Good News intersect when Bad News happens … in the nation, in the world, in a community, in the lives of individuals and families and congregations?

A unique perspective today, from an elected government official who spoke words of compassion and honesty and hope, following a tragedy on Easter Monday 2023.

A shooter entered a bank in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, causing death and injuries and fear, shooting 13 people. At a news conference just a few hours later, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear spoke plainly and boldly about the message of Easter and his own Christian faith.

Family Life’s Greg Gillispie narrates this timely Special Feature.