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Special Feature – National Marriage Week – 02/02/23

“Marriage is worth it!”

That is the message of National Marriage Week, which happens annually February 7-14.

Arlene Pellicane gives you a preview of the week, a take on the state of marriage today, and practical advice for couples. The 2023 emphasis for Marriage Week is “The Value of Date Nights”. Pellicane says if couples aren’t scheduling a date or specific couple time regularly, the benefits of adding at least one date a month can pay off big in contentment and connections. She offers ideas and options.

Get tips on enhancing your relationship, how churches and other entities can foster strong marriages, and how to communicate the value and benefit of marriage for the upcoming generation on National Marriage Week USA website.

Bonus Content – Encouragement for those who are single … or amidst marriage challenges – 02/02/23

While marriage is upheld for its purposes, and marriage upholds the culture….not everyone has a calling to be married.

Arlene Pellicane has ideas for how people who are divorced, separated or single can find way to develop other good relationships and find fulfillment in their personal lives.

Some people also are dealing wHappy Home podcastith real troubles or imbalance or challenges in their own marriage. The spokesperson for National Marriage Week also has encouragement for them, both in our original conversation and in this bonus content. Take the initiative to find the support you need.

Whatever your relationship status, there are resources and people with whom you can talk, share your story, and reach out for helpful perspectives.

Special Feature – Feminists Choosing Life – at the Washington March – 1/19/23

Two members of the “Feminists Choosing Life” delegation from New York speak to us from Washington, the day before the 2023 March For Life at the National Mall (Friday, January 20).

Executive Director Michele Sterlace and Media Outreach Director Emily Coppolla join Greg Gillispie for a conversation on where the Pro-Life Movement goes next, after 50 years of these rallies. This the first March since Roe vs. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Our guests talk about how it is not at all a contradiction to be pro-woman and pro-life, their organization’s efforts to seek common ground with those on the other side of this debate, and how the root causes of abortion need to be addressed.

Special Feature – Financial Goals – 01/02/23

Ambassador Advisors Financial Adviser Adrian Young offers practical tips and techniques for managing your personal and household finances for the new year ahead.

Set your goals, track your progress, and celebrate the “desserts” you develop. Traci Lynn asks Young how you can “kick-start” your money goals.


Special Feature – Christmas After Christmas – 12/27/22

Pastor Joshua Robertson with “The Rock” church in Harrisburg, PA shares how Christians can maintain the message of Christ and Christmas beyond December 25th.

This applies to anyone whose celebration of Jesus aligned with some of the cultural Christmas glitz and glamor, as well as for anyone whose own Christmas was not like the personal or social expectations that distract from the meaning of Christ’s birth.

22-1011_Special Feature_ Are Christians United?

Pollster George Barna speaks on the America Values Study, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and commissioned by “AmericasOne” founder Marc Nutttle. It evaluated four dozen different values to determine what a majority of Americans say defines them and their life.

Barna tells Family Life’s Mark Webster results suggest Americans may not be as divided as is widely believed – at least not when it comes to the values they cherish most and believe define them.