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Issues in Education – Teaching burnout, Trade schools, and LGBTQ curricula – 06/05/23

“Issues in Education”

High Schoolers are ditching College for Blue-Collar Jobs…

Going Woke in the Classroom in NY and PA…

Dr. Ralph Kerr of the “Teaching and Learning Institute” equips Christians on how to engage with their local public schools.  Listen for more about what trends and issues are happening in YOUR local school.

Issues in Education – Ralph Kerr – 05/15/23

There’s lots going on in the education arena these days. 

  • Financial Literacy Classes at School
  • Previewing Tuesday’s Big School Budget Vote in NY
  • PA voters shape their local schools

Dr. Ralph Kerr gets us caught up with everything you need to know in the classroom, next on this week’s edition of “Issues in Education”.

Issues in Education – Voters choose budgets & boards – 05/08/23

Less than 10 percent of eligible voters will cast ballots on School Budget Day and that’s too bad.  Find out why from education advocate Ralph Kerr on this edition of Family Life’s “Issues in Education” feature.

Dr. Kerr is founder of the Teaching and Learning Institute based in Houghton, New York. The former school administrator joins us on alternating Mondays during the Noon Report on the radio and online. The “Issues in Education” podcast is available 24/7 from FamilyLife.org/newspodcasts.


Issues in Education – Q’s for School Board Candidates – 04/24/23

3 Questions to Ask Prospective School Board Members

Next month, New York voters must decide the make-up of their local school board.  Dr. Ralph Kerr at the “Teaching and Learning Institute” says there are 3 questions that need to be asked of those who are seeking a seat.  Find out what those 3 questions on this week’s edition of “Issues in Education”.

These same questions are appropriate to ask when local districts in Pennsylvania hold elections, and when boards in either state select new members to fill vacancies.

Issues in Education – Ralph Kerr – 04/10/23


How to combat “Swatting”, guns in schools, and Native American mascots

Swatting is intentionally calling in fake threats of violence against schools, hoping to create a SWAT Team response. It’s been a recent epidemic seen in Pennsylvania, New York and many other areas of the nation.

A March 27 school shooting in Nashville brings to the forefront again questions about safety and security — and the emotional responses — for students, school staff, and families.

A New York Education Department edict for school districts to eliminate certain mascots and nicknames is causing decisions and budget implications for school boards and administrators.


Education watchdog Ralph Kerr weighs in on the weighty issues of the day as they pertain to our public school families and taxpayers. Here’s our update on what’s happening in early April. Dr. Kerr is the founder the Teaching and Learning Institute, headquartered in Houghton, New York.

Issues in Education – Bullying, Parents’ Bill of Rights – 03/27/23

On Family Life’s “Issues in Education” Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute does a deep dive into the issues you care about that impact our public schools.  Here’s what’s going on this week:

  • Parents’ “Bill of Rights” – is it needed at school
  • What should you to do – and not do – if your child is bullied at school?
  • “Buzzwords” at Public Schools: mindfulness, emotional and social learning, restorative practices


Issues in Education – Paying Teachers Enough – 03/20/23

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute takes a closer look at issues in the news which pertain to our public schools.  Here’s what’s happening this week …

  • Are Teachers Paid Enough?
  • Test Scores Tank in NY
  • Why school boards need the influence of Christians and other parent


Issues in Education – Christians involved in public schools – 03/06/23

“Why Christians Need to Get Involved in their Local Public School”

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute takes a closer look at why it matter so much that Christians stay involved in their local public school.

Issues in Education – Ralph Kerr – 02/20/23

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the “Teaching and Learning Institute” gives us a front row seat to what’s happening in our public schools with “Issues in Education”.

This week includes:

  • A “Satan Club” is coming to Southern Tier school
  • Balancing learning loss and students’ mental health as the biggest issue(s) facing Pennsylvania schools
  • Making up for the mandates that chased many teachers out of public education

Faith Under Fire – Dr. Wayne Lewis – Staying Faithful, as a Christian University – 02/16/23

Academic freedom and the Christian college experience

We explore higher education and how recent cultural movements shape the college experience for today’s students. Pennsylvania and New York have a number of universities founded as Christian outreaches, and those Christian colleges are facing those pressures as are secular schools.

Houghton Univ's sixth presidentTo get a snapshot of what is happening now, “Faith Under Fire” spoke with Dr. Wayne Lewis, president of Houghton University in New York’s Southern Tier. Dr. Lewis speaks about the uniqueness of being a Christ-centered institution, how schools can assure all voices are heard, and why it is important to assure that all students — from all sectors of the political/theological/social spectrum — feel at home on their campus and in their classrooms.

Tap here for further information: Dr. Lewis…   Houghton University