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Real Answers – How singles can find the “right one” – 11/22/23

Real Answers” tackles the tough topics which Christians face in their lives.

On this edition,a focus on singles — certainly those who are younger, but applicable to any age.

Licensed professional counselor Christopher Anderson talks about how to find “The Right One” as a life mate, if you have an eventual call to be married. He talks about how before you get to know the other person, you become better able to know your dating or relationship partners if you first begin with a deep understanding of yourself. Only then do you have a foundation on which to build a long-lasting relationship. He also suggests good mentoring with a long-married Christian couple, and double-dating with people who share your faith and worldview.

Anderson also explores research on how many unmarried couples live together, outside of a marriage commitment. That number has grown exponentially across the past two generations, but (perhaps surprisingly) those percentages are not as high as some Christian might expect, looking at the society around us. You also will hear how cohabitation actually reduces the likelihood that a relationship — or a marriage, if you eventually decide to wed — which succeed long term.

Real Answers AT WORK – Christopher Anderson – 11/08/23

Real Answers” looks at the latest research on factors which employees say shape their level of job satisfaction.

Licensed mental health counselor Christopher Anderson says at-work contentment is impacted less by pay and benefits — and more by how well co-workers get along and respect each other.

Also in this conversation:

  • Why it matters
  • Three cautions about dynamics that can hamper at-work connections
  • How to keep good work/life balance
  • Are you taking your allotted vacations and time off?  Those matter — to you, to your loved ones, and to the quality of your work.
  • A story about how it helps you and your household — if you don’t wait until the weekends to schedule some kind of personal, couple, family, social, or fun event.

Real Answers” is one of our Wednesday news features.

Get a Christian counselor’s advice and perspectives on the Tough Topics faced by Christians and their families.



Real Answers – Seeking Happiness vs. Finding Joy – 09/27/23

Real Answers” on Family Life tackles the tough topics facing individuals, couples and families. Licensed Professional Counselor Christopher Anderson joined us this week to talk about the distinctions between happiness and joy.

He says when our goal is to “be happy, hopefully” we base our attitude in reaction to circumstances around us.

The better choice is to focus on Joy, which is best developed in relationship to Jesus Christ.

Anderson notes the benefits of this distinction — his own counseling clientele, as well as the Biblical stories of Joseph and Paul, both of whom found contentment whether they were in crisis mode, a challenging season, or surrounded by happy blessings.

His recommendation is for people to avoid entrapment in self-consciousness about longing for more joy. There is value in talking with a pastor, mentor from a church, a counselor or trusted friend who can help you openly and honestly find joy, amid all things.


Real Answers – Parents ARE their children’s primary educator – 09/13/23

As another school year begins, parents cannot just “hand off” the education of their children to schools and teachers.

So says professional counselor Christopher Anderson, who offers practical advice on “Real Answers“, the Family Life news feature which addresses big issues facing Christians and Christian families.Anderson emphasizes that parents are their children’s primary educator, especially on faith training and values awareness. In this conversation:

  • Developing confidence, when a parent is uncertain whether they are “up to the job”
  • Christopher Anderson’s take on parental roles, amid changing social and cultural standards
  • Why many are switching to home schooling, and considerations if you might be pondering that
  • The vital role of parents and families for students who are in public schools
  • How to guide teens in ethical behavior, even if a parent faltered on sinful behavior when they were growing up

Real Answers – Careening Career Paths & Trade School Options – 08/16/23

Real Answers

As students head back to high schools soon, there will be some focus on vocational counseling and college preparation. Christian counselor Christopher Anderson says students would do well to have calm and open guidance from schools — and their loved ones — because it can be a challenge to map out 40 or 50 or 60 years, especially when you are 18 or 16 or 14.

Anderson, a frequent Family Life guest, not only has advice for young people, he also tells how his own life journey meandered through several different vocational chapters. He sees how each stage was all part of a great life to which the Lord had called him.

This week’s “Real Answers” news feature also discusses the costs of college, the number of times student change majors, and why some young people might do well to follow alternate paths or take a sabbatical year after high school. Anderson (based on issues which come to him frequently in his private therapeutic practice) recommends that not every student needs a four-year degree. He says trade schools and on-the-job internships can, for some, lead to a lucrative career and a fulfilling life.


Real Answers – Christopher Anderson – Mental Health & Medicines – 07/19/23

Therapists and mental health counselors can guide people through some significant challenges in life. Physicians and psychiatrists can also be of help, sometimes with recommendations on medications which can provide benefits for individuals with mental health challenges or illnesses.

On this edition of “Real Answers”, licensed Christian counselor Christopher Anderson offers his professional observations on how medicines and mental health can intertwine and provide a context where counseling can become even more effective. He cautions though that some people who stop taking prescribed medication without a doctor’s advice might see anxiety or depression recur.

Anderson also offers his advice for those Christians who lean against — or who are strongly opposed — to mental health medications. He offers his take on how use of these prescriptions is not contradictory to a faithful Christian lifestyle.


(Important note: All use of such medications are subject to the supervision of a prescribing medical doctor. Be sure to talk with your own personal physician or nurse practitioner regarding limits, recommendations, and appropriate care for you or your family member, especially geared for you unique situation.)

(Therapeutic or pastoral counseling can also be a productive aspect of a person’s process toward recovery or growth.)

Real Answers – “Procrastination” – 06/07/23

Procrastination … not just “getting around to it” … getting through it

The reasons we procrastinate are numerous, but Christian counselor Christopher Anderson says our self-doubt often keeps us from making forward progress.

Any time a person feels over-scheduled or over-stressed, it’s easy to get bogged down. The tasks might be boring or less important or unstructured. We also might need to develop a better system of rewarding or affirming yourself.

Anderson, a New-York-based Christian counselor, says we can push through our procrastination, by accomplishing one thing, rather than letting a decision-making process leave you spinning your wheels. Each item you can check off your list helps you to get ahead of future to-do lists.

Anderson also says, if you are procrastinating on “getting around to” Bible reading and personal devotional time, that could be why you feel out of balance or anxious. He offers advice — including perspectives from his own life — on how and when to make time with the Lord be fruitful and beneficial.


Real Answers” helps you tackle the tough topics facing today’s Christians and families. It is one of our Wednesday features heard on the air and online during the Family Life Noon Report. These conversations are always available for listening or downloading from FamilyLife.org/NewsPodcasts.

Real Answers – Helping Young Adults Launch – 05/24/23

A growing trend is the number of post-high-school adults who live with their parents.

It’s described, somewhat imprecisely, as a “failure to launch.”

The reasons are numerous: financial, medical, convenience — or fear of “adulting”.

Christian counselor Christopher Anderson says there are practical ways families can help their young adult children be more comfortable and confident, ready to enter the next chapter of their lives. Young adults living at home, he says, showed share in the cost of living and share in household tasks. He also says there are significant steps which can help younger teens and

Anderson says the cultural emphasis toward entitlements – and away from personal responsibility — has hampered this generation’s development.

The licensed therapist says teens and preteens can learn be more ready for successful adulthood if they are involved in a church.


Bonus content: Family Life also asked our frequent News Feature guest for local reaction about this week’s updated news that the U.S. Surgeon General has issued a warning about the social, emotional and physical effects which come from young people being on social media.  In his private practice, Christoper Anderson says the device addiction is real. He offers this guidance to parents and families in the Family Life listening area.

Real Answers – Bonus Content – Social Media Health Warning

Bonus content: Family Life also asked our frequent News Feature guest for local reaction about this week’s updated news that the U.S. Surgeon General has issued a warning about the social, emotional and physical effects which come from young people being on social media.  In his private practice, Christoper Anderson says the device addiction is real. He offers this guidance to parents and families in the Family Life listening area.

He says, simply, “children don’t need smart phones.”

Real Answers – Employee Productivity & Ethics – 04/26/23

The move to at-home work has opened new opportunities but also created new challenges to workplace cohesion and accountability.

Our specialist on Christ-centered priorities in various aspects of our lives, counselor Christopher Anderson, offers insights on how employees have responsibilities to maintain productivity standards, even if their job has them “out of the office” part or all of the workweek. He describes it as a spiritual issue.

Also on this edition of “Real Answers“, Anderson speaks to the challenges employers have in recruiting a full staff, and how today’s realities and intentional behaviors can help young adults thrive and advance more quickly, as they launch their careers.