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Issues in Education _ 4-Day Weeks, Homework, E-Buses _ 09/18/23

“Issues in Education”

What is happening affecting students, families, educators and taxpayers in Pennsylvania’s and New York’s school districts?

Education watchdog Dr. Ralph Kerr joins us on Mondays during the Family Life Noon Report for our “Issues in Education” feature. In this week’s interview:

  • As some business and labor interests push for shorter work weeks, should public schools which to a four-day week?
  • Does homework serve a purpose anymore?
  • With the push to go toward 100% all-electric vehicles, what does that mean for school bus fleets in the decade ahead?

Ralph Kerr, following a 30-year career as a school administrator, now leads the Teaching and Learning Institute headquartered in Houghton, New York.


Capital Connection – Prisons, Borders, DEI – 09/15/23

Family Life’s “Capital Connection”

A prison escapee was taken back into custody this week, after the convicted murderer was on the lam for two weeks. This is the fourth recent prison break in Pennsylvania.

The Biden administration has offered new money and 50 federal workers in response to Governor Hochul’s request for help to deal with 110,000 border-crossers now in the state.

DEI programs are pushing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” into mandated school curricula.

These are some of the issues happening in Albany and Harrisburg this week, and you will hear commentary and analysis of current news on “Capital Connection”.


Michael Geer, the president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, and Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, join Bob Price for our weekly roundtable on current political and cultural issues affecting residents of both states.

Listen for “Capital Connection” during Friday’s Family Life Noon Report (online and on the air). This feature is also posted on our news podcasts pages, accessible 24/7 for listening, subscribing, downloading or sharing.

Real Answers – Parents ARE their children’s primary educator – 09/13/23

As another school year begins, parents cannot just “hand off” the education of their children to schools and teachers.

So says professional counselor Christopher Anderson, who offers practical advice on “Real Answers“, the Family Life news feature which addresses big issues facing Christians and Christian families.Anderson emphasizes that parents are their children’s primary educator, especially on faith training and values awareness. In this conversation:

  • Developing confidence, when a parent is uncertain whether they are “up to the job”
  • Christopher Anderson’s take on parental roles, amid changing social and cultural standards
  • Why many are switching to home schooling, and considerations if you might be pondering that
  • The vital role of parents and families for students who are in public schools
  • How to guide teens in ethical behavior, even if a parent faltered on sinful behavior when they were growing up

Issues in Education – Migrants, Masks, and Bus Drivers – 09/11/23

Family Life’s “Issues in Education” News Feature is back for the start of the new school year.

Dr. Ralph Kerr, a longtime school administrator and the founder of the Teaching and Learning Institute talks about key issues happening now among classrooms, school boards, and communities. These conversations are important for parents, extended families and taxpayers.

This week:

  • Migrant crisis in the classroom,
  • Shortages of school bus drivers: The latest update
  • Are the masks coming back at school?

Bob Price is your host.  Ralph Kerr and TLI are based in Houghton, New York.

Faith Under Fire – Drama in a Vegas High School – 06/22/23

Faith Under Fire: First Amendment protections for students and their parents

Parents are increasingly being ignored, targeted and attacked – for protecting the rights of their children in school settings. Family Life talked with a Christian attorney who says what is happening to the young people is even worse.

A 15-year-old student in a Clark County school district in Nevada was forced to perform a profanity-laced, sexually explicit, and obscene monologue before the entire class as a graded assignment. School officials then lied to the parents. Although the teen girl had been forced to say those words in front of her class the school board prevented the student’s mother from reading aloud those same words in a public meeting of adults.

Abigail Southerland of the American Center for Law and Justice explains the case for us, as well as the multiple efforts which the parents made to complain to the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. (The girl’s father had to do so virtually, as he was on a military deployment.)

A decision from the Federal Court is expected soon. Because of the First Amendment issues raised, there could be an appeal of the verdict, to address what the plaintiffs call compelled speech for the student and restricted speech for the parents.


                    Bonus content:

Capital Connection – 05/19/23

Here’s what’s happening this week on Capital Connection:

  • Migrant Crisis
  • Primary Day Recap
  • Are School Boards the New Battleground in America’s Culture Wars?


Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer discuss the local impact of weighty issues in the news from Harrisburg, Albany, and beyond.