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Real Answers – Helping Young Adults Launch – 05/24/23

A growing trend is the number of post-high-school adults who live with their parents.

It’s described, somewhat imprecisely, as a “failure to launch.”

The reasons are numerous: financial, medical, convenience — or fear of “adulting”.

Christian counselor Christopher Anderson says there are practical ways families can help their young adult children be more comfortable and confident, ready to enter the next chapter of their lives. Young adults living at home, he says, showed share in the cost of living and share in household tasks. He also says there are significant steps which can help younger teens and

Anderson says the cultural emphasis toward entitlements – and away from personal responsibility — has hampered this generation’s development.

The licensed therapist says teens and preteens can learn be more ready for successful adulthood if they are involved in a church.


Bonus content: Family Life also asked our frequent News Feature guest for local reaction about this week’s updated news that the U.S. Surgeon General has issued a warning about the social, emotional and physical effects which come from young people being on social media.  In his private practice, Christoper Anderson says the device addiction is real. He offers this guidance to parents and families in the Family Life listening area.

Episode 05: Finding God’s Will For Your Life

“If That Makes Sense” is a podcast with a group of young adults talking about some of the questions and challenges their generation faces as followers of Jesus. In this episode, we talk about how to find God’s will for you life and how it’s okay to not have all the answers because He does!