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Faith Under Fire – Communists Seeking Christianity – 5/02/24

Faith Under Fire – Communists Seeking Christianity – 5/02/24

Communists Seeking Christianity – Family Life’s “Faith Under Fire”

As the Soviet Union’s government was crumbling, leaders there turned to American Christians to seek solutions to the problems of the USSR.

John Bernbaum and prominent Christian evangelist Philip Yancey were invited to Russia, to tell how faith could overcome the social and moral problems there.  Bernbaum gives highlights of this fascinating story to Family Life’s Greg Gillispie.

You will hear how a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC led to invitations for a Christian delegation to talk with Soviet groups, how political and economic problems are rooted in a lack of values and morals in the culture, and Bernbaum’s comments on lessons from the 1990’s Soviets which should inspire church folks in 2020’s America.

John Bernbaum and Philip Yancey are co-authors of “What Went Wrong: Russia’s Lost Opportunity and the Path to Ukraine”



Taking Christian ministry to Ukraine – Hometown Heroes – 4/23/24

Taking Christian ministry to Ukraine – Hometown Heroes – 4/23/24

Bringing Jesus to Europe’s war zone:  Family Life’s “Hometown Heroes”

A Pennsylvania-based Christian evangelist is back in Ukraine, sharing food and hope in and near that war zone.

Family Life’s Mark Webster reconnected with Jeff Seigworth on his way to a return trip with the A-1-8 mission organization.

He talks about the relative dangers for the Ukrainian citizens and global visitors like himself, the human needs in this third year of the Russian war, and the spiritual opportunities which are open amid the widespread misery.

This new conversation about front-line evangelization is available from the podcast player above.

You also can hear, download or share our previous interviews with Seigworth from September 19 and September 26. These podcasts also have links to the A18 mission work.


Hometown Heroes – Samuel Girod (2) – Family Life – 4/02/24

Hometown Heroes – Samuel Girod (2) – Family Life – 4/02/24

A group called MAP — Mission to Amish People — seeks to provide encouragement and discipleship resources to anyone who leaves an Amish lifestyle and seeks to live out their faith differently than they were raised. Many of those who turn away from the faith of their early lives find that they need practical assistance too — education, housing, lifeskills training and more — and MAP provides those as well.

This “Hometown Heroes” podcast is the second of our two conversations with Samuel Girod, a missionary with MAP. He previews an upcoming workshop in Friendship, New York, on April 19-20 (2024). Mission to Amish People hope to train potential new missionaries that conference at Bible Baptist Church.


This webpage [ www.mapministry.org] tells the first-person story of Samuel and his wife Polly. From that site, you can further explore MAP’s efforts, upcoming conferences, and recording of previous presentations by numerous speakers.

Hometown Heroes – Dan Sorber in Cuba – 3/05/24

Hometown Heroes – Dan Sorber in Cuba – 3/05/24

Syracuse-based missionary Dan Sorber just left for Cuba.

Before his departure, he talked with Family Life News about faith, Christian freedom, and today’s realities in a Communist nation.

Sorber sees the changes that have opened up across his 15 previous visits to Cuba. When government officials and the general population face desperation and economic disaster, those hardships actually open up more evangelistic opportunities. He tells us that real revival is underway there, in ways he has not seen in any other place.

Sorber and his team see one of their most urgent priorities for each of their mission visits is to support and encourage the local Cuban pastors.

Click the podcast player to discover more about what Christians in Cuba face every day, and about how Americans can pray for and support the Cuban people who do and who don’t consider themselves people of faith.

For more about Dan Sorber’s involvement in Christian evangelization in Cuba, go to the Mission Landing Cuba website or watch this video from his church, The Gathering Place in Syracuse.

Family Life’s “Hometown Heroes” interviews intriguing people from throughout Pennsylvania and New York who carry out inspirational, life-changing work. Tap the Hometown Heroes icon for more of these features.

Campus Ministry – Positive Impact for Today’s Young Adults – 2/22/24

Campus Ministry – Positive Impact for Today’s Young Adults – 2/22/24

Christian outreach and support for today’s young adults has transformed — yet again.

The unique needs and perspectives of this generation of college students has shaped how campus ministries are doing their work. Today on Family Life, we hear from Mike Andrews, Impact Ministry’s campus pastor at Penn State Altoona.

Andrews tells us about how the most significant impact which meets students where their lives are is primarily in small groups and Bible studies. Even for young people who have never had experiences in a church — or who have wandered away from an earlier faith — he says a hallmark of this generation is an openness to talk about deep core values and to explore spiritual issues.

Greg Gillispie also asks Andrews to give guidance to local church leaders on effective ways to shape youth ministries and to encourage the children of the church to plug into campus ministries if they go away to school.

For more information:

  • The ImpacttheU website
  • A promotional video to show high school and college students




Hometown Heroes – “Night to Shine” – 2/20/24

Hometown Heroes – “Night to Shine” – 2/20/24


It’s Family Life’s “Hometown Heroes

Celebrate the congregations and volunteers in our listening area who created a magical, memorable evening for hundreds of special guests


The Night to Shine has become a global movement across the past decade, and numerous local churches are plugged in — many of them since the early days when the Tim Tebow Foundation launched a prom-styled festival for special-needs individuals.

In this edition of “Hometown Heroes”, we hear about the local area’s Night to Shine events held February 9, 2024. Representatives of three of these congregations tell us what happens, who is served, the significant responses of the families and the local community, and how this one night spurs churches to be attentive to special needs ministries throughout the year.

Our radio news feature offers highlights and stories. For each of these three congregations, we also will be posting expanded interviews with web-only bonus content.  

  • Hometown Heroes” feature — highlights from all three congregations, as aired on the Family Life Noon Report  [click the podcast player above to listen]
    • Bethel Life Church, Greenville PA:  bonus content with Pastor Kent Bell [web]
    • Auburn Alliance Church, Auburn NY:  bonus content with Event Coordinator Chad Mitchell  [web]
    • Sunbury Bible Church, Northumberland PA:  bonus content with Pastor Preston Atkinson [web]

Other congregations whose leaders and volunteers also deserve “Hero” status are other churches in the Family Life listening area. These also sponsored a Night to Shine this month:

    • Our Lady Of Peace, Erie PA [web]
    • New Life Baptist, New Wilmington PA [web]
    • LCBC, Dickson City PA Campus [web]
    • Epic Church-Buffalo: Williamsville NY [web]
    • Cross Creek Church, Elmyra NY [web]
    • Catalyst Church, Altoona PA [web]
    • Calvary Church, Boalsburg PA [web]

The Night to Shine movement began ten years ago (2014) as an outreach of the Tim Tebow Foundation. The Heisman trophy winner for the Florida Gators, former NFL quarterback and sports broadcaster started his foundation to fight for what they call the “MVP” — the Most Vulnerable People.

Tebow (himself growing up as a missionary kid) has been at the forefront of multiple forms of international Christian ministry.

Find out about the Foundation and watch the national/international Night to Shine video.


Hometown Heroes” is one of our Tuesday news features on our Noon Report and 5 O’Clock Report.


A fun P.S….  Tim Tebow (who became famous for waiting for a uniquely Christian marriage partner, despite his famous “eligible bachelor” status) met his future wife at his 2018 NTS, where Demi-Lynn was attending with her special-needs sister.)

Missions Pulse – Door – Ministry to Deaf Individuals – 01/08/24

Missions Pulse – Door – Ministry to Deaf Individuals – 01/08/24

The people who are served by the ministry agency Door International cannot hear this Family Life news feature.

Which is all the more reason why you should listen to this.

Rob Myers and Door’s other workers and volunteers are active in an evangelism effort to reach out to a people group in which only 1 of every 50 people are followers of Jesus. The outreach is to deaf individuals and communities. In this conversation on our “Missions Pulse” program, Myers explains why it is so hard to share Good News and provide Scriptures to deaf people. Door seeks out non-hearing believers who become church planters and evangelists who share the same circumstances as other deaf people. The ministry also is active in translating 110 Biblical narratives into sign languages. This is a massive task — if you are thinking only about ASL (American Sign Language), you are forgetting about the other 375 sign languages around the world.

For more information:

Inside Out – Responding to Criticism – 11/29/23

Inside Out – Responding to Criticism – 11/29/23

Inside Out” on Family Life

How do you respond when coworkers tell you they’ve been hurt by Christians, or say that Christianity is offensive? Kaitlin Miller Febles talks about how believers led by the Holy Spirit can live out the most powerful response.    

“I think when we first respond with just defensiveness, we can come across as callous toward what this person’s experienced by someone maybe even in the name of Christ,” says Kaitlin Miller Febles. “And if they don’t feel heard and understood, I think they’re far less likely to hear us, or even want to understand us back. But humility has a way of disarming people.”  

Febles counsels us to listen well and mourn behavior in the name of Christ that is not at all Christlike. “Just even as we denounce un-Christlikeness, we don’t denounce Christ. Christians may act shamefully, we need to acknowledge that, but we’re not ashamed of Christ.” 

 We have an opportunity to speak the actual message of Christ with words, and also with our lives, when the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit shape the way we live. “For each hateful or selfish or greedy or manipulative Christian example that an unbeliever has experienced, we can be a counter example, as a Christian that they also now have to explain,” Febles says.  

Kaitlin Miller Febles writes on this topic and other issues for The Gospel Coalition.

Hometown Heroes – Living on the streets, with Eric Johns – 11/14/23 (#2)

Hometown Heroes – Living on the streets, with Eric Johns – 11/14/23 (#2)

Family Life’s “Hometown Heroes

This week’s Hometown Heroes continues our conversation with Buffalo Pastor Eric Johns.

This will be his 25th and final year of living on the streets for a full week, getting the experience of homelessness first-hand. As he prepares to retire, his sons will follow in his footsteps. There are other ministry colleagues, young people influenced by the Buffalo Dream Center’s inner city ministries, and other church members who are now motivated by his example.

Hear more about how the Lord has used and expanded such outward-focused work here in Part 2 of our “Hometown Heroes” feature.

Part 1 of this conversation is also easy to find here on our News Podcasts page.

“Hometown Heroes” happens during the Family Life Noon report most Tuesdays, online and on the air. Your host is Family Life news anchor Mark Webster.



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