22-1102_Inside Out_ Humility in an Age of Disagreement

Jesus calls us to humility, and that’s what’s needed to mend divisions in our churches and communities.  

“There’s a really kind of twisted pressure in Christianity in this day and age to sort of make a name for yourself. And that can blatantly happen as we’re seeing people professionalize their brand, like try to build a name for themselves instead of God’s Kingdom,” says author, broadcaster, and podcaster Aubrey Sampson. 

Jesus calls us instead to choose the place of least honor and leave it to God to raise us up to honor, Sampson points out. That means exercising humility in every interaction, whether on social media, in the neighborhood, or with family. Even when we think we’re right.     

“Even if we don’t mean this, we say it in our minds: ‘We don’t agree on this thing. My way is right. Therefore I’m better than them.’ And suddenly we are no longer humble servants that Jesus called us to be, we’re putting ourselves in that place of honor, even if in our own minds. And that posture is just not the way of Jesus,” she says. 

God’s people are called to unity, which is not the same as uniformity. 

“We are called, by God Himself, we are called by Jesus: ‘Love one another. Build each other up. Serve one another,’” she says. “It doesn’t mean agreeing on everything, but somehow we have to begin asking the Lord to help us be humble, even with people we think are blatantly wrong. And I think that maybe shows us the plank in our own eyes, too, right?” 

None of it is easy. But Jesus, who humbled Himself and gave His life for us, never intended for us to do this on our own.    

“Truly, it’s the Holy Spirit transforming you to help you become more and more like Jesus and put the other person first,” she says.  

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