Missions Pulse – Mission Eurasia in Ukraine – 07/17/23

Missions Pulse – Mission Eurasia in Ukraine – 07/17/23

Family Life “Missions Pulse”

While Russian and Ukrainian fighters are on the front lines of what has become a 500-day war in Europe, Christian mission workers are on the “front lines” of helping those civilians caught up in the crossfire. It is not only the deaths and destruction of infrastructure directly related to weapons and bombs, this war created a huge flood disaster when a major dam was breached.

Mission Eurasia is among the ministries seeing to resolve human needs, restore communities, and renew hope. Coordinator Barry Gardner tells us about what is happening as Christians are at work in a war zone. Often, Mission Eurasia emphasizes support and empowerment for local congregations. Hear about the hundreds of thousands of people who are receiving practical help and spiritual witness, even from just one ministry group.




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