Capital Connection – 3/15/24

Capital Connection – 3/15/24

Capital Connection” on Family Life     3/15/24

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer discuss the issues making news from Albany and Harrisburg from a faith and family perspective.

Listen for the latest analysis on these stories:

Making Political Hay out of the IVF Controversy

Recapping Legislative Day 2024 in New York

Decriminalizing Adultery, perhaps

New Bill Targets Gambling Addiction

Abortion Expansion Efforts in Pennsylvania

Jason McGuire is executive director of the New York Families Foundation: www.newyorkfamilies.org

Michael Geer is president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute: www.pafamily.org

They (and other representatives of these two organizations) join Family Life’s Bob Price for this weekly roundtable on the Friday edition of the Family Life Noon Report.

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