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Special Feature Ep.126: Response to NY’s Effort at Abortion Tourism

Jim Harden with Rochester-based CompassCare responds to the effort in New York State to expand access to abortions as the Supreme Court decides the future of Roe v. Wade. Attorney General Tish James supports legislation that would create a $50 million fund to pay for abortion services, even for patients from out of state.

Special Feature Ep.124: Biblical Worldview Problem

Biblical worldview is abysmally low among American parents. But, researcher George Barna strongly suggests that a focus on correcting key errant views of born-again Christian parents could significantly improve their worldview, help them to become more godly parents, and might even spark a revival in the next generation of children.

Special Feature Ep.122: What Happened to Jesus Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

While most Christians know of Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday, what happened to Jesus in between those two monumental moments? Pastor Tim Maybray of Titusville Free Methodist Church in Titusville, Pennsylvania answers that.