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Hometown Heroes – Christopher Knapp – Total Freedom – 10/24/23

Hometown Heroes” from Family Life

Helping people breaking the chains of addiction is the aim of a western New York ministry.    

The man running that ministry has seen both sides of the consequences of drug use.

One-time addict Christopher Knapp is now director of Total Freedom in Darien Center. Total Freedom offers a long-term, residential approach that seeks to treat the whole person, to break the addiction cycle and then keep them free of it – all with the framework of Biblical principles:

Yes, there are immediate results that begin in the short-term. Knapp though emphasizes that their long-term, residential approach to the problem gives those struggling something that may have proven elusive until they arrived: time.

Total Freedom describes its mission as “helping people overcome addictions and destructive lifestyles.” Their emphasis is not to be a rehab program but a process toward a complete lifestyle change — under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

More information, videos, and an application are available from their website.

Family Life Interview: Comedian Jeff Allen – part 3 – 09/05/23

Comedian Jeff Allen has been on the stand-up comedy circuit — with great success — across four decades.

His struggles with addiction and his search for meaning found resolution, when a comedian friend asked about his faith. Allen went on a long process which eventually led to his conversion to Christianity. In an extended Family Life Interview — and in a new book he authored — Allen talks about how Jesus has brought peace and blessing to his life.

This is the 3rd of three segments of Mark Webster’s extended conversation with the comedian credited whose clean, family-oriented routines often riff on the theme or the phrase  “Happy wife…Happy life.”

Click this link for more of Jeff’s comedy highlights.



Hear the full Family Life Interview with Jeff Allen:

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