Feature – America’s Christian Leaders are Aging – 02/15/23

Feature – America’s Christian Leaders are Aging – 02/15/23

The current generation of America’s Christian leaders are aging — and now is the time to prepare for the upcoming (and necessary) transition to those who will follow.

That is the advice from Warren Smith, president of MinistryWatch.com. His ministry surveyed the 1,000 largest Christian organizations in the nation about leadership issues. Smith tells Family Life that many ministries have addressed how to continue the work after a popular leader retires or steps down, but more organizations need to prayerfully think through what their future holds.

Smith talks about how to communicate with mid-level personnel and call up the gifts of young candidates. Boards of directors of ministries (of all sizes) should develop succession plans, even if current leaders seem likely to stay in their positions for a decade or more. This conversation includes recommendations for key aspects to include in those succession plans.

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