Issues in Education – Ralph Kerr – 04/10/23

Issues in Education – Ralph Kerr – 04/10/23


How to combat “Swatting”, guns in schools, and Native American mascots

Swatting is intentionally calling in fake threats of violence against schools, hoping to create a SWAT Team response. It’s been a recent epidemic seen in Pennsylvania, New York and many other areas of the nation.

A March 27 school shooting in Nashville brings to the forefront again questions about safety and security — and the emotional responses — for students, school staff, and families.

A New York Education Department edict for school districts to eliminate certain mascots and nicknames is causing decisions and budget implications for school boards and administrators.


Education watchdog Ralph Kerr weighs in on the weighty issues of the day as they pertain to our public school families and taxpayers. Here’s our update on what’s happening in early April. Dr. Kerr is the founder the Teaching and Learning Institute, headquartered in Houghton, New York.

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