Hometown Heroes – Kevin Keeley – Thrive Marriage – 05/02/23

Hometown Heroes – Kevin Keeley – Thrive Marriage – 05/02/23

This week on “Hometown Heroes”, meet Kevin Keeley of Spring Creek Lavender Farm in the Oneida County village of Remsen, New York.

They will host a Thrive Marriage Weekend August 11-12, 2023. Keeley says the wonderful dreams which people take into their marriages often are followed by couples’ harder times. There are always ways in which each couple — and each individual in a marriage can “tune in” to one another and live into joy and commitment


Facilitated by marriage experts Chris Bruno and Tracy Johnson, this two-day retreat will take you through four curated experiences that are key to developing marital belonging. Far more than learning tips and techniques, you will walk through the ReStory® marriage process and leave with more understanding, empathy, and a vision for how your marriage can flourish the way God intended.

Spring Creek Lavender has graciously decided to offer a special $25 discount for the weekend for Family Life listeners and website users. Use the coupon code “Family Life” when you go to thrivemarriageweekend.com

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