Faith Under Fire – Coach Joe Kennedy – 06/15/23

The high school football coach fired for praying in public is back on the job this summer, after winning his First-Amendment lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Joe Kennedy started his coaching career, after sensing a personal calling in response to watching the Christian sports movie, “Facing the Giants”. In gratitude to God for this privilege, Kennedy began praying at the 50-yard-line by himself, but some students later joined him. He would be reprimanded, then fired, and lost several court cases before winning in the Supreme Court.

Kennedy was a featured speaker at the recent 2023 Legislative Day sponsored by New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. Greg Gillispie interviewed “Coach Joe” during his time at Albany, New York.

Bonus content:

          • Coach Joe Kennedy’s website
          • Details about the legal processes which led to his successful Supreme Court ruling
          • A video of his story, struggles and successes