Capital Connection – Prisons, Borders, DEI – 09/15/23

Capital Connection – Prisons, Borders, DEI – 09/15/23

Family Life’s “Capital Connection”

A prison escapee was taken back into custody this week, after the convicted murderer was on the lam for two weeks. This is the fourth recent prison break in Pennsylvania.

The Biden administration has offered new money and 50 federal workers in response to Governor Hochul’s request for help to deal with 110,000 border-crossers now in the state.

DEI programs are pushing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” into mandated school curricula.

These are some of the issues happening in Albany and Harrisburg this week, and you will hear commentary and analysis of current news on “Capital Connection”.


Michael Geer, the president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, and Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, join Bob Price for our weekly roundtable on current political and cultural issues affecting residents of both states.

Listen for “Capital Connection” during Friday’s Family Life Noon Report (online and on the air). This feature is also posted on our news podcasts pages, accessible 24/7 for listening, subscribing, downloading or sharing.

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