Real Answers – Seeking Happiness vs. Finding Joy – 09/27/23

Real Answers – Seeking Happiness vs. Finding Joy – 09/27/23

Real Answers” on Family Life tackles the tough topics facing individuals, couples and families. Licensed Professional Counselor Christopher Anderson joined us this week to talk about the distinctions between happiness and joy.

He says when our goal is to “be happy, hopefully” we base our attitude in reaction to circumstances around us.

The better choice is to focus on Joy, which is best developed in relationship to Jesus Christ.

Anderson notes the benefits of this distinction — his own counseling clientele, as well as the Biblical stories of Joseph and Paul, both of whom found contentment whether they were in crisis mode, a challenging season, or surrounded by happy blessings.

His recommendation is for people to avoid entrapment in self-consciousness about longing for more joy. There is value in talking with a pastor, mentor from a church, a counselor or trusted friend who can help you openly and honestly find joy, amid all things.


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