Real Answers – Remarriage, after a spouse’s death – 4/17/24

Real Answers – Remarriage, after a spouse’s death – 4/17/24

The “Real Answers” podcast from Family Life

Christian counselor Christopher Anderson offers insights for a unique group: those whose spouse has died. There is new research on how often those people get remarried. It happens more often later in life, and he says some of the most fruitful second marriages occur when both partners have lost their spouses.

If a widow or widower does feel a sense that a new marriage might be in their future, Anderson raises three key points:

  • Wait until you have properly processed the grief from the loss of your original spouse
  • Get advice from a pastor, counselor or Godly friend who knows you and your unique situation
  • Have a “non-negotiable list” on your values, background and goals

Anderson says those who do not feel a calling to get remarried don’t need to feel any pressure or need to go that direction. They will do well to get socially and religiously connected for other areas of their lives.

“Real Answers” tackles the tough topics facing Christians and Christian families. Christopher Anderson is an experienced licensed professional counselor in private practice in the Twin Tiers. This feature is among our Wednesday News Features on the air, online, and on the podcast. 

Sarah Harnisch is your host.

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