Faith Under Fire – Parental Rights v. Transgender Sanctuary – 03/09/23

 The divergent positions on medical treatments and procedures related to a person’s physical gender expression continue to bring debate and legislative battles. While some conservative-led states have restricted such gender-related procedures for minor children, a bill (SB-107) in the California State Senate wants to make California a place where surgeries, puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and other gender-changing medical procedures can be provided for children and teens– all without permission from those minors’ parents.

A California Christian ministry filed a preemptive lawsuit to stop the state from offering such treatments to children from other states, while blocking those parents from access to their own children’s medical information.

Mariah Gendeiro, an attorney from Advocates for Faith and Freedom, talks about the case, how to honor parents’ rights across state lines, and her take on why transgender issues have grown to such public prominence so quickly.