Faith Under Fire – Coach Joe is back with his football team – 08/17/23

“Faith Under Fire”

Joe Kennedy became a high school assistant football coach at Bremerton High School, as a part of a strengthening Christian faith and a deep sense of calling. After personal prayers on the field after games, later some students and fans would join him at the 50-yard-line.

After he was suspended and eventually fired because the school did not want him promoting religion, an eight-year legal battle followed. This spring, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that his First Amendment rights to “free exercise of religion” superceded the school’s contention that a school employee could not promote a specific religion (the First Amendment’s “establishment” clause).

This week as the fall football season begins, “Coach Joe” and his faith and his team are drawing new coverage from Seattle-area and national media, Family Life revisits an interview we had with Kennedy when he came to New York State on a speaking tour. 

More about Joe Kennedy’s life, faith, ministry and sense of calling is available here.